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Mass Blocking of the Ukrainian Users Twitter Accounts start Russian Operation “Brotherly Peoples”

Mass blockings of the Twitter accounts of those Ukrainian users who have active anti-Putin’s mindset and are followed by thousands users is a part of the Russian special operation “Brotherly Peoples”. The goal of this operation is informational deleting Ukrainian patriots who critically and with fact-checking approach regard the idea of reconciliation or “fraternization” with pro-Russian separatists and terrorists being spread. And the final goal of this special operation is destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and “regime changing” to pro-Russian government.

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Kharkiv. Chronicles of the Attack on the City. Day 60 (24.04.2022)

The defense of Kharkiv has now been going for two months, and every day of those two months the muscovites have been shelling the city with artillery of different calibers. For two months, the city has been living in wartime conditions: absence of public transport, air-raid blackouts, the constant weighing of pros and cons. Today—a holiday—was quiet, probably the quietest of the last two to two and a half weeks.