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Mass Blocking of the Ukrainian Users Twitter Accounts start Russian Operation “Brotherly Peoples”

Mass blockings of the Twitter accounts of those Ukrainian users who have active anti-Putin’s mindset and are followed by thousands users is a part of the Russian special operation “Brotherly Peoples”. The goal of this operation is informational deleting Ukrainian patriots who critically and with fact-checking approach regard the idea of reconciliation or “fraternization” with pro-Russian separatists and terrorists being spread. And the final goal of this special operation is destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and “regime changing” to pro-Russian government.

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Further action plan

In a previous writing I referred to a metaphor of us being like ants which I borrowed from a Ukrainian in southern Ukraine under constant fire. If we follow that paradigm and each work tirelessly, doing simply what we are meant to do, we will prevail. And Ukraine and the world will be saved. That is not hyperbole.