Playing dirty - swelling the price to two thirty

01/01/2006 | andy100
On New Years day two thousand six
Russias leader was in a bit of a fix
By cutting off Ukraines gas supplies
He fell under scrutiny of global eyes.

He thought that hed be nifty
With a fivefold increase from fifty,
And decided to play cruel and dirty
Swell the price to two hundred thirty.

Other neighbors he wanted to show
That for choosing Mr. Yushchenko
Ukrainians must be disciplined, chill and freeze
Then return to mother Russia on their knees.

The game is quite simple, Vlad said
You just have to jump in to bed
Like Alexander, and youll pay forty-seven
For you itll be bliss and heaven.

But Ukrainians decided theyd had enough
Of the ways of the Bear brutal and rough;
For their children they wanted a better life
Living without fear, oppression and strife.

How this story ends we will all see soon
Maybe still in January, maybe in June.
But the moral of the story is simple and plain -
The bear wont be dancing once more in Ukraine.

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