Pytannia z druhoho boku okeanu pro umovu

01/11/2006 | ladalesia
Ok, I'll be the first to ask this: given Yanuk's eagerly participated in the tearing down of the Prime Minister yesterday, has he not in effect broken the terms of the September deal with Yushchenko? Or put another way: does Yushchenko now have cause to tear up that stupid agreement and resume hostilities against Yanuk and co. (ie: start up the criminal investigations again)? [from Infoukes]


  • 2006.01.11 | Stefan Seitz

    Hi Lada Lesia,

    You see, there was no strong agreements with Yanuk. There wasn't even string agreements: between Yusch and Kuchma on Kuchma's immunity after the O.R., on Piskun, on implementation of the constitutional reforms, and on.

    The problem is, that Yusch is recognizing these agreements! He really thinks that he should be as 'honest' as to follow through deals, even if the other party is a fierce opponent. Yusch obeys; the opponent calculates.

    Obvious to some - not to Yusch -, the agreement is a political statement rather than the agreement.

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