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Интересная статья о Белоруссии (Гардиан)

03/20/2006 | alx_1904


  • 2006.03.20 | Lake

    Re: Интересная статья о Белоруссии (Гардиан)

    Автор статьи -- Jonathan Steele, который отличается, мягко скажем, неадекватным видением ситуации, особенно, если это касается интересов Кремля.

    Кстати, оказывается, это его убогенькую мысль цитировало несколько дней подряд русская EuroNews, ссылаясь на "авторитетный" (в глазах неискушенного обывателя) Guardian :

    Would you expect a European leader who has presided over a continual increase in real wages for several years, culminating in a 24% rise over the past 12 months, to be voted out of office?

    Кто интересуется, может нагуглить много интересного об этом "авторе", например:


    " ... they're all within a couple of degrees of separation from the Guardian and Jonathan Steele, probably the single most corrupt Western journalist writing about this region today."

    Так что, ищите другие источники :)
    згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
    • 2006.03.20 | alx_1904

      Где Эдичка Лимонов работает?

      Ну вы и нашли источник :lol: :lol: :lol:
      Желтее/коричневей/чернее не пробывали?
      згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
      • 2006.03.20 | Lake

        понятия не имею

        Героев нужно знать в лицо. Ссылки раскрасьте на свой вкус.

        Про события на Украине.

        This is such a pathetically obvious hit piece. Check this out:

        "Nor is there much evidence to imagine that, were he (Yushchenko) the incumbent president facing a severe challenge, he would not have tried to falsify the poll."

        There's also not much evidence that Jonathan Steele wears women's underwear, but that won't stop me from cynically implying it. See how it works?


        Suffering from yet another attack of nostalgie pour le fascisme, the Guardian's Jonathan Steele predictably warns us of "nationalist" and dangerous "American" fingers mucking about in the Ukraine.



        As one of the many journalists who profited from channeling Imperial propaganda during the 1990s Balkans crisis, Steele threw himself passionately into the cause of "independent Kosova" this spring, first arguing that anything else would be a "victory for Milosevic," and now producing a disgusting "analysis" of the "Balkan question," so unashamedly pro-Albanian it would have embarrassed even Enver Hoxha.



        Then commentator Jonathan Steele devoted an entire column to lauding the Palestinians’ choice, declaring "Hamas's triumph in Wednesday's Palestinian
        elections is the best news from the Middle East for a long time."



        The Iraqi people have spoken, get used to it Jonathan!



        A rare foray into the art of fisking
        Not my usual style, but this comment piece by Jonathan Steele in The Guardian today just tweaked my blood up to boiling point.

        The gist of the article is: Western governments say Belarus is a wicked dictatorship. But they are not being very democratic themselves by trying to fix the result of a forthcoming election, are they? They should leave Belarus alone.

        To make the case, Steele celebrates the economic miracle that is modern Belarus.

        Let's glance at some of the prose.

        'Would you expect a European leader who has presided over a continual increase in real wages for several years, culminating in a 24% rise over the past 12 months, to be voted out of office? What if he has also cut VAT, brought down inflation, halved the number of people in poverty in the past seven years, and avoided social tensions by maintaining the fairest distribution of incomes of any country in the region?'

        Yes, you can raise incomes on paper by being a client state of a thuggish neighbour with a load of natural gas. Oh, and I don't notice Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia all riven by social tensions and falling apart at the seams. In fact, they're in the EU and rich beyond the wildest dreams of Belarusians. Funny how the Lithuanian and Polish borders aren't thick with people trying to sneak *into* Belarus.

        згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
  • 2006.03.20 | Чучхе

    Хочу освіжити в пам"яти майданівців дискусію щодо Ґардіан (л)

  • 2006.03.21 | Englishman

    UVMOD- spam

    Cja tema tut vje obgovorjuvalasja.

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