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04/18/2006 | Maidan-Inform
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Together, We Are Many

by crhinesmith at 4/5/2006 6:27 pm

On this edition of AudioBerkman, Zephyr Teachout examines the Internet's transformative role in Eastern European politics. She explains, "Around the same time I was working on the Dean Campaign, Maidan.net (http://eng.maidanua.org/), a Ukranian website, was building a powerful citizen media network that would be part of changing their country forever."

Produced by Benjamen Walker and drawing on interviews with political activists from the Ukraine and Estonia, the podcast emerged from Berkman's annual Internet & Politics conference, held last year at the Oxford Internet Institute and sponsored by eBay and the Omidyar Network. The event brought together academics, activists and policy-makers with a view to identifying new and exciting developments which challenge existing models of e-participation, while highlighting areas where policy and practice in Eastern Europe could be informed by and inform -- research and experience from other parts of the world.

Having made our way from North America to Europe, we are hoping to continue the conversations later this year in South Asia -- in nothing less than the world's largest democracy. More on that as it happens...

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About Zephyr Teachout
Zephyr Teachout
Research Fellow
Email: zephyr AT cyber.law.harvard.edu

Zephyr Teachout, J.D., M.A. (Political Science) was the Director of Online Organizing for Howard Dean's campaign, where she managed the collaborative development of social software by and with the Dean grassroots. She has written about the organizing role of the internet, and is currently working on an article for the Duke Law Journal on how the FEC might restructure itself to enable more political action. She currently teaches Internet and Politics at the University of Vermont and is a non-resident fellow at the Berkman Center.

She has founded and been the Executive Director of two nonprofits dedicated to training young people: The Fair Trial Initiative (training young lawyers for Death Penalty trial work) and Baobabs College Labs (connecting young political activists with open source software now part of Music for America). She is a board member of the Fair Trial Initiative and the Participatory Culture Foundation.

She holds an M.A. in Political Science and a J.D. from Duke, where she graduated summa cum laude and was the Editor in Chief of the Duke Law Journal.

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