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Like most people who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine and its people, and who grimace with squeamish distaste at the spectacle of politicians prepared to sell out totally for their oh-so-incredibly sordid interests, present events has filled me with despair. Back in January, on this same site, I felt compelled to present my extremely primitive version of democratic choice. My message is probably as primitive now.

The corrupt gang from the Party of the Regions having gained not even a third of the votes through legitimate elections - clearly decided or received instructions from a large neighbour, still aggrieved over recent failures, to decide to mobilize all that they have. Not ideology, not clear plans for reform. Stay with the brutally primitive: they mobilized money, the odd bit of power.

And they found those who had a price.

All too unspeakably depressing to dwell on. One would like to fastidiously look away.

Only theres a whole nation at stake, a people who upheld their right to democratic choice and gained the worlds admiration almost two years ago. The world is now asking why Nasha Ukraina are still talking to this motley, and thoroughly doomed coalition. Aside from those who smirk and assume the offered price was good enough.

Ukrainians, PLEASE: get it through to them that what they lose now, if they even think of joining that coalition, is infinitely more than they can possibly gain. And once they have made their deals with criminals, there will be no going back.

And, for those in Nasha Ukraina who are there because they care about their country, then what Ukraine stands to lose is brutally just about everything.

The people who made the Orange Revolution all those Ukrainians who came out and stood up for their rights earned the respect of the world. Do not allow venal politicians to lose what those people so courageously gained.

Halya Coynash


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    You are so right! I think Shevchenko would have said regarding this situation

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    The beginning of the end of the Orange Revolution at the highest level of Ukrainian government was when Yushchenko dismissed Tymoshenko as PM. But I am sure it still lives in the hearts and minds of those millions of people who participated and supported the Orange Revolution. Therein lies the hope and the danger.
    D. Mark

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