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the gas would go to Europe, which typically pays higher prices than North America.

Traditionally, LNG prices in Europe have been indexed to oil prices

(unlike in North America.)

LNG producers worry that if they send too much gas into Europe,

not only would it depress prices,

it could hasten the end of this

!!!! longstanding and quite profitable way of pricing LNG !!!!

Unwilling to risk this, WoodMac thinks they will prefer sending extra shipments of LNG across the Atlantic to North America.

North America will become the region were excess LNG is poured.

Asia can only take so much extra LNG and producers do not want to overload European markets.

Due to its size, liquidity and significant regas and storage capacity the US can easily accept large volumes of unallocated LNG



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    Anthrax fear evacuates WSJ offices
    Audrey Hudson (Contact)
    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    An anthrax scare Wednesday morning in New York forced the evacuation of two floors at the Wall Street Journal after the newspaper received more than a dozen envelopes in the mail containing an unknown white powder.

    At least four of the envelopes were opened, including one addressed to Managing Editor Robert Thomson and opened by his assistant. According to FBI spokesman Richard Kolko, at least five employees underwent a decontamination process "out of an abundance of caution."

    All of the envelopes were postmarked from various addresses in Knoxville, Tenn., and the powder was field-tested with the results still pending, Mr. Kolko said.

    The Journal reported on its Web site that the letters were addressed by hand in pen to senior executives with different return addresses. Some of the envelopes were isolated in the mailroom before they could be delivered to employees.

    "The two evacuated floors housed news, editorial and executive personnel. Contingency plans have been made to produce tomorrow's newspaper, with a core group of editors remaining in the building, and others sent home or to backup facilities," the Journal reported. At least 250 employees were told to leave the affected floors.

    Reuters reported that three executives at News Corp.'s Dow Jones & Co. headquarters received envelopes containing the white powder and 10 more were discovered in the mailroom.

    The letters were sent to Mr. Thomson, Dow Jones Chief Executive Les Hinton and Journal Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, Reuters said.

    Following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, several letters containing anthrax were sent to Capitol Hill lawmakers in October and the National Enquirer, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and the New York Post. The anthrax-laced letters killed five people.

    The Journal is located in the Fox News Building on 200 Liberty Street, just blocks from where the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorist hijackers.

    "While we don't think there is cause for alarm at this time, we are asking everyone not to open any mail while we investigate," Dow Jones vice president of communications Howard Hoffman said in an e-mail.

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