Open Letter to the President Kuchma

02/24/2001 | -
Forum of Ukrainian Students in America and Europe

Open Letter to the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma

President Kuchma:
We belong to the new generation of Ukrainians, for whom the independence of Ukraine shaped our understanding of the world and of our place in it. Now we are pursuing studies abroad with a desire to
contribute to the development of Ukraine as a
prosperous and democratic nation. As citizens of Ukraine, we can not afford to remain silent when the principles of democracy and the rule of law, engrained
in the Constitution, are being systematically ignored.
We feel that it is our civic and moral responsibility to speak in one voice against it and we urge you tolisten.
With power accumulated over the last six years, you bear the greatest responsibility for the situation in the country and for the direction it takes. Throughout all years in office, you have many times publicly
pledged to promote democratic transformations in Ukraine and its integration into the community of European nations. However, in reality, democratic values were sacrificed for the sake of power interests
of the countrys leadership. You gained the so-called support from the millions during the last presidential election in 1999 chiefly because of administrative pressure on the electoral process, manipulation of the public opinion and a vote count biased in your favor. Therefore, such support of many just demonstrated an unchecked power of the few.
At the time when public allegations directly link you to the disappearance of the journalist Georgiy Gongadze, its investigation appears under official pressure and the state-controlled mass media give it and events surrounding it a one-sided and unfair
coverage. Important pieces of evidence, provided by Olexander Moroz, Serhiy Holovatyi and other peoples deputies are labeled by the General Prosecutor as
false even before their detailed examination. By avoiding the involvement of international experts and from closer cooperation with the members of Ukrainian parliament, you do not allow a transparent and independent investigation of the case. Judging from
the above said, we conclude that you are not capable of guaranteeing realization of the constitutional rights of the Ukrainian people, and, moreover, allow for their violation. Therefore, we think that, under the present circumstances, the only right decision foryou is to resign.
We would like to emphasize that with this letter we do not call for the overthrow of government, as you and your associates often tend to interpret it. On the contrary, we want to put an end to lawlessness of
power structures and to your promises about the bright future, which our parents never lived to see in the Soviet times. We cannot afford wasting time and aspire to live in free and democratic Ukraine today!

Lyudmyla Andrievska,
Indiana State University, USA

Julia Anderson,
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Marko Bachmaha,
University of California in LosAngeles, USA

Anatoliy Bizhko,
Yale University, US

AInna Birchenko, Ohio University, USA

Oleg Belyaev,
University of Cincinnati, USA

Volodymyr Boichuk,
University of Alberta, Canada

Natalia Bohun,
University of Denver, USA

Yevhen Buhorskyi,
Monterey Institute of InternationalStudies, USA

Ruslan Deynychenko,
Duquesne University, USA

Yurii Dzhygyr,
Syracuse University, USA

Olga Dmytrenko,
University of Burgogne, France

Danylo Fedorchuk,
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Eduard Fesko,
Monterey Institute of InternationalStudies, USA

Yevhen Grebenyuk,
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Vadym Galaichuk,
Michigan State University, USA

Oleh Gerelyuk,
Catholic University, USA

Dmytro Glazkov,
Yale University, USA

Anna Glos,
University of Rutlingen, Germany

Andriy Gostik,
California State University at Hayward,USA

Tetyana Grekh,
University of Kansas, USA

Yaroslav Hrehirchak,
McGill University, Canada

Andriy Ignatov,
Iowa State University, USA

Anatoly Ignatusha,
College of William and Mary, USA

Anna-Marta Khomyak,
University of Nottinham, GreatBritain

Oleh Kirienko,
University of Amsterdam, TheNetherlands

Marianna Klochko,
Cornell University, USA

Olexander Kopets,
Harvard University, USA

Petro Koshukov,
Indiana State University, USA

Adrian Kos,
California State University at Hayward,USA

Sergiy Kudelia,
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Vadym Lepetyuk,
University of Texas in Dallas, USA

Yurii Lishyns'kyi,
Lateranum University in Rome, Italy

Olha Lyubenko,
University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

Anna Makhorkina,
Old Dominion University, USA

Natalia Malovanova,
East Carolina University, USA

Yurii Matso,
University of California in San Diego,USA

Igor Musiyuk,
University of Massachusetts at Amherst,USA

Andrii Mykytiv,
Monterey Institute of InternationalStudies, USA

Ivan Mokhnal,
California Institute of Technology, USA

Volodymyr Nagirnyak,
University of Cincinnati, USA

Lyubov Nazaruk,
Geneva Institute of InternationalStudies, Switzerland

Zvenyslava Opeyda,
University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign, USA

Oleg Osipenko,
Duke University, USA

Valentyn Panchenko,
Oregon State University, USA

Oksana Rudyuk,
University of Colorado in Denver, USA

Natalia Riabokon,
Stanford University, USA

Yadviga Semikolenova,
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Sergiy Slobodyanyuk,
Suffolk University, USA

Sergiy Sobistiyanskiy,
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Roman Sulzhyk,
New York University, USA

Oksana Tsypnyak,
University of Minnesota, USA

Olena Trush,
Emory University, USA

Igor Ulyanov,
Case Western University, USA

Ivan Vidyakin,
Ohio University, USA

Olena Vovk,
Columbia University, USA

Volodymyr Yakymets,
Catholic University, USA

Sergiy Yevstafyev,
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Valentyn Zhygulin,
California Institute of Technology,USA

Antonina Zozulya,
University of Cincinnati, USA

Note Forum includes students from Ukraine studying in various fields at the universities of the USA, Canada and Western Europe and it promotes their active participation in the societal life of Ukraine.

Email address of the Forum is: ukrstudents@yahoo.com

Copies of this open letter have been sent to the Parliament of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, political parties, civic organizations, non-governmental research institutions, foundations, and mass media.

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