Opportunity to publish stories on the Holodomor

02/11/2003 | Kostia Porox
Opportunity to publish stories on the Holodomor
From: Lesia Chernihivska
Lesia Chernihivska writes:

"Details of an excellent opportunity to publish papers regarding the Holodomor can be found at:


Please use the Chicago Manual of Style. All citations should be placed at the bottom of the pages, not as endnotes. All book citations should include the publishers' names as well as the place and date of publication.

But, wait--there's more exciting news! During our recent meeting in New York, I learned that not only does Mr. Schlacks intend to publish this commemorative edition about the Famine, but, if the volume of suitable materials proves sufficient, he expressed his interest in making an annual edition dedicated to Ukrainian subjects, or developing an entire new journal publishing materials about Ukrainian subjects in any field of study!

Please feel free to distribute this CFP [comment for proposal] among your contacts, colleagues, and students. It represents a great opportunity to get material published in hardcopy stating and supporting the various points we hope to make more widely known about the Holodomor."

-- Lesia Chernihivska

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