TECHNICAL: How to read "Maidan Za Dobu" in Cyrillic

04/22/2003 | Serhiy Hrysch
Beacause several people asked Maidan about how could they read email sent in Cyrillic, here is the procedure:

* Open email in any browser (Internet Explorer, AOL etc.)

* If email shows unknown symbols >>>
>> * Click "View",
>> * Click "Encoding",
>> * Click "More",
>> * Click "Cyrillic (Windows)".

Cyrillic letters in your email have to be properly displayed then.

If Cyrillic letters are not properly displayed even after this procedures, plase check yout browser documentation (in "Help" bar).

To search for solutions in "Help", go to "Search", and then type "Cyrillic encoding" in the search text field. A list of possible solutions should display in the Help window. This procedure is the same for any browser.

If after these procedures you're still experiencing difficulties, please inform Maidan by writing to maidan@maidan.org.ua .

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