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Хто вчора бачив ролік НСНУ?

02/24/2006 | Englishman
Нарешті зрозуміло, що "не зрадити Майдан" закликають саме виборців.

Судячи зі всього, Юлі в ньому було дуже багато уваги приділено. Суцільний бруд стосовно її часів керування Кабміном.

Зінченко- "її друг", що зрадив вірне оточення президента.

Регіони згадано раза 2, один раз тому що Юля з ними "об"єдналася".

Позитиву не багато. Що виділялося:

Безсмертний- "керівник Мадану". 3 роки готував "акт непокори" з "бізнесменами і незалежними політиами, яким для себе нічого не було потрібно". Тимошенко підтримала Ющкенка на президентських виборах лише за 3 місяці , щоб заробити собі "політичного капіталу". Пєтю Порошенку показали у якості відданого любого друга, що захищає президента.

Він сильний, чесний, продав Криворіжсталь за великі гроші, заплатив 8000 гривень матерям (мабуть змусив-таки це зробити популістку Юлю), совість і достоїнство України, вирішив газову проблему,

НСНУ йде до парламенту, щоб "зупинити зраду".

Щоб не казали, що я щось перекручую, нижче оригінал:

Ukrainian TV airs propresidential bloc's electioncast - fuller version
1749 words
23 February 2006
BBC Monitoring Ukraine & Baltics

An election broadcast by the pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc has presented it as the inheritor of the values of the Orange Revolution and promised to bring a "people's team" to parliament to support President Viktor Yushchenko. The 30-minute broadcast, which was aired on state-owned UT1 TV on 22 February under the quota allocated to all participants in the parliamentary election, focused on Yushchenko's career in opposition as "the regime's enemy number one" and his achievements in office. It also highlighted the role of Yushchenko's allies in Our Ukraine in bringing him to power, while downplaying that of former Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko. It went on to accuse Tymoshenko of incompetence as prime minister and of splitting the orange team to cover up her failures. The following is an excerpt from Our Ukraine's election broadcast shown on state-owned television UT1 on 22 February:

[Our Ukraine's election advertisement, with voice-over] A year ago you defended your choice. You said yes to freedom and Maydan. You said no to bandits and lies. You won. But they want to return. They want to rule your country instead of you. You alone can stop them. Do not betray yourself. Do not betray Maydan. We have one Ukraine. Our Ukraine.

[New voice-over] At last our Ukraine has come. We dreamed of this. That the bird of good fortune would settle in our sky. That it would fly from the hand of the person to whom we entrusted the fortune we earned from God long ago.

Yushchenko in opposition

Viktor Yushchenko was an enemy of the criminal life we used to live. He was the prime minister who for the first time added up the numbers to benefit the people. That's why they cut him off and threw him out. Those who said he was soft underestimated his words.

[Yushchenko, speaking in parliament after his government's dismissal in 2001] I am not leaving politics - [words drowned by applause]

[Voice-over] He gathered different people. They started to say ridiculous things that were not welcomed by the authorities like - we for some reason do not want to be slaves, a bunch of primitive consumers of expensive food and gold jewellery. He called it Our Ukraine. He became the regime's enemy number one, who was so soft and good.

Viktor Yushchenko gathered these cranks under the domes of St Sophia's Cathedral and led them to the monument to the first Ukrainian president, [Mykhaylo] Hrushevskyy. He asked everyone to sincerely confirm their resolution that Ukraine should not be somebody's but only ours. For every individual, our sounds like my. And that was the fatal danger.

For the first time in many years, it was absolutely clear that a person had appeared for whom people were precious. Suddenly it was clear to everyone that the Communists were lying. The paradise on earth they promised travelled only in the Communists' modest Mercedes and never went where abandoned old mothers were sitting and waiting for their free chicken and sausage. Yushchenko was a different sort of son.

[Passage omitted: 2002 parliament election]

Without any public announcements, a Roman with the impertinent surname Bezsmertnyy ["immortal" in Ukrainian] set up a headquarters which three years in advance started preparing to change what it seemed would never change. The truth is that real danger hung over the lives of Yushchenko's people.

[Passage omitted: a statement by Yushchenko]

Amidst the life with which the people were long reconciled, to which it submitted, they spent three years preparing an act of disobedience that seemed impossible. These were people who, in principle, wanted for nothing. They were businessmen and independent politicians. Yushchenko simply revealed to them a different truth.

To change the president? Why not me? This idea seemed very attractive to another figure in this history.

[Passage omitted: Yushchenko's visit to Donetsk in October 2003; Mukacheve mayoral election in April 2004]

[Voice-over] In Sumy, bussed-in gangsters threw anti-tank obstacles and explosives under Yushchenko's wheels. Against them, they had only character and no protection.

[Passage omitted: video shows Yushchenko's ally Petro Poroshenko remonstrating with attackers]

[Voice-over] Yuliya Volodymyrivna [Tymoshenko] was in Kiev with her colleagues. It's true, she made a statement.

Then something began that could not be stopped. The people who were described as dumb cattle suddenly amazed the world. They dropped everything.

[Passage omitted: Yushchenko announces he is running for president]

The people started smiling. They stopped saying: Let it be as it will be.

That was when Yuliya Tymoshenko stopped following her parallel course. There were three months remaining. She understood that this was the time for real fortune hunters.

[Passage omitted: Yushchenko's poisoning; fight at the Central Electoral Commission; Yushchenko's rival, Viktor Yanukovych, felled with an egg; Our Ukraine MPs discover warehouses with dirty campaign materials; presidential election; a song about the revolution]

Split with Tymoshenko

[Voice-over] What happens after victory? You go and warm yourself after the cold. Kiss your dear ones and lie down to sleep at last. And in the morning it will be heaven. He is with us. Ukraine never had a president like him. Now everything will be fine. We won't get ill. There will be plenty to eat. Everyone will be rich and happy. The best Ukrainian folk tale never went like that. But this was the first such Ukrainian folk tale. They wanted it. But, people, this is what happened.

Yushchenko's party was born on Maydan. In the days of the revolution, which was for everyone surprisingly peaceful, only these people knew the real stakes in the question: will Ukraine live in a human way, or after such resistance, will it be punished and buried under the tarmac.

Yushchenko's party was led by the Maydan commandant Roman Bezsmertnyy, and its executive committee by Yuriy Yekhanurov. Bezsmertnyy shocked everyone when he called her [Tymoshenko] a blackmailer. But she triumphantly became prime minister.

[Passage omitted: parliament votes to approve Tymoshenko as prime minister]

[Voice-over] They expected a new life from her government. They admired her beauty. They read her interviews in fashion magazines. They looked at her new dresses. Now everyone will have this. For some reason, grownup people who had seen a lot in their time thought this.

When the petrol crisis began, people were still not ready to look more carefully at their glossy fairy tale. We were afraid that cars would stop dead on the roads. But we went on gazing. Then there was a crisis with sugar, which simply shouldn't have happened in Ukraine. Then they promised to force traders to sell meat cheap. But it did not get cheaper.

Disappointment. This word began to spread around towns and villages. And in order to prevent people understanding with whom this disappointment originated, the prime minister and her friends launched a concealment operation. This had all the hallmarks of betrayal. It was unbearable to hear how friends opposed friends. No, it wasn't her. She said that she was standing with the president. But her friends were listing his sins in the press. They started to fire black words against those who were loyal to him. The first to step away was [former State Secretary Oleksandr] Zinchenko, who was inseparable from the president during the revolution. So he remains a friend in all the photograph. Then [former Deputy Prime Minister Mykola] Tomenko, who shouted loudest slogans about loyalty on Maydan.

He had to stop this betrayal sometime. So he dismissed everyone. He said the loyal will remain loyal, and those who betrayed will soon be obvious to everyone.

[Yushchenko, announcing Tymoshenko's dismissal] For eight months, the president of Ukraine was a peacemaker among these institutions. I almost did not speak of this in public. I considered that this was my karma, which I had to endure.

[Voice-over] She did not call this betrayal. It was simply a parallel course. But there was a new word in the air - comeback. The predators sniffed the moment for return.

[Passage omitted: supporters of Viktor Yanukovych rally]

The people who were letting the president down all the time joined their ranks. It was probably for this labour, that those who wanted to return took former Prosecutor-General Svyatoslav Piskun on board.

Our Ukraine promises a "people's team"

Why is he calm? Why doesn't he shout at meetings? Why doesn't he fight?

He is making our Ukraine. It is strong and honest. This vessel is moving forward. For the first time, it sold Kryvorizhstal [reprivatized steelworks] for a fair price so everyone could see.

[Video of Kryvorizhstal auction]

Real Ukraine. As Yushchenko promised on Maydan, every mother is paid around 8,000 hryvnyas. Poverty should not stop life.

Famine: only this president bowed his head to this terrible memory and our eternal grief.

He is our dignity. He is stubbornly planting a Ukrainian garden. He stubbornly appoints Prime Minister Yekhanurov, who speaks little but knows how this garden will grow.

He flew to Iraq and brought our sons home.

He did not succumb to blackmail. In the freezing cold, all our houses were warm. Nobody could switch off gas.

The world said "yes" to the president who made Ukraine respected for its firm character.

It is necessary to fight for all this, people. It is very serious. It is necessary to start from the point where things were good for us for the first time in so many years of trouble. From Maydan.

That was where Roman Bezsmertnyy collected those who emerged hardened from these wars. Without malice or envy, without hunger for power. From there, the Our Ukraine bloc is running in the parliament election. They are running so the people's President Yushchenko will have a people's team in those walls. It united as it did in 2002 around a person for whom only Ukraine is important. To stop the treason. To prevent the return of the people to resist whom - remember, people - we dropped everything a year ago and stood on Maydan in the cold. Now, as then, lets clasp hands firmly. We lived that way then. We leaned on each other. Everyone had a single heart. Because, people, we have one Ukraine.

[Passage omitted: repetition of advertisement]

Source: UT1, Kiev, in Ukrainian 1800 gmt 22 Feb 06


  • 2006.02.24 | alx_1904

    Re: Хто вчора бачив ролік НСНУ?

    Englishman пише:

    > Судячи зі всього, Юлі в ньому було дуже багато уваги приділено. Суцільний бруд стосовно її часів керування Кабміном.
    А что, она не довела экономику "до ручки"???????

    > Безсмертний- "керівник Мадану". 3 роки готував "акт непокори" з "бізнесменами і незалежними політиами, яким для себе нічого не було потрібно".
    А может он майдан ещё готовил будучи представителем Кучмы в ВС, когда он ломал депутатов через колено?
    А тут, резко изменил мировозрение на 180 гр. НЕ ВЕРЮ

    > Тимошенко підтримала Ющкенка .... щоб заробити собі "політичного капіталу".

    Ну и получить ВЛАСТЬ, подерибанить всё и порулить страной в ручном режиме. Порошенко имхо аналогичная причина.

    > Він сильний, чесний, продав Криворіжсталь за великі гроші, заплатив 8000 гривень матерям (мабуть змусив-таки це зробити популістку Юлю), совість і достоїнство України, вирішив газову проблему,

    В гробу я видел ТАКое решение газовой проблемы + такой бюджет 2005 - даже не смотря на продажу Миталлу не выполнить, 80% - социалка

    > НСНУ йде до парламенту, щоб "зупинити зраду".
    Предатели сами себя остановят? :lol: :lol: :lol:
    згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
    • 2006.02.24 | mirgor

      Ролик піар Безсмертного-Червонца-ПАПа, чорний піар Юлі (-)

  • 2006.02.24 | Чучхе

    НСНУ вибрало дивну тактику

    Замість того, щоб позиціонувати себе, як провладну партію і наголошувати на успіхах (ну мають же бути в країні хоч якісь успіхи?)

    Вони зациклились на позиціюванні себя як "опозиції стосовно опозиції" (ми не влада, а ми опозиція блоку БЮТ-ПР, якщо ми не пройдемо, ваш голос дістанеться їм).

    що загалом і недивно, бо при непопулярному президенті у пропрезидентського блоку менше шансів, і якби Янукович за місяць до виборів додумався б (наскільки цей пітекантроп здатен мислити) оголосити себе опозиціонером Кучмі, ми б не бачили Юща президентом і близько.

    однак, думаю, члени НСНУ в своєму баченні ситуації в країні настільки не вірять у свої сили, що переконали себе в непопулярності Юща набагато більшій, ніж вона є насправді. А вона таки менша ніж у Кучми, однозначно
    згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
    • 2006.02.24 | damoradan

      Совершенно верно!

      НСНУ должен не поднимать рейтинги президента, а получить голоса всех тех, кто его пока еще поддерживает, а таких процентов 20 есть по-любому. Т.е. для НСНУ целевая аудитория кампании - именно эти 20%, а не 100% избирателей. А "базу" нужно, наоборот, заводить, а не рассеивать в ней пораженческие настроения. Вопрочем, "базу" обычно поднимают в последние две недели, чтобы не забыли прийти на выборы.

      Есть еще одна гипотеза. Возможно, фокус-группы показали, что "база" НСНУ лучше всего поднимается именно путем того пораженческого нытья, которое мы слышим. Но тогда бедная эта база и бедная эта страна. Получается, что у нас выигрывают в основном не победители, а тот, кто больше ноет.
      згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
      • 2006.02.24 | sofu

        абсолютно все ролики НСНУ - никудишние

        я не встретил еще ни одного человека, кому бы нравились эти завывающие (о-ооо-о-о) ролики. Неужели не понятно, что революционные идеи не могут быть популярными так долго. Они начинают раздражать, кроме того призывы "не зрадь майдан" относятся к тем, кто был на майдане. А как быть тем, кто не был. (Да и те кто был, почти вся верхушка- пересорилась)
        Я все все-равно буду голосавать на президента. Наверное еще верю. Но ролики отвратительные, безграмотные, глупые.
        згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
        • 2006.02.24 | alx_1904

          А что, ющ идёт в депутаты?

          sofu пише:
          > Я все все-равно буду голосавать на президента. Наверное еще верю.

          Или ваше хобби наступать каждый раз на одни и теже грабли? :lol:
          згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
          • 2006.02.24 | sofu

            Re: А что, ющ идёт в депутаты?

            alx_1904 пише:
            > Или ваше хобби наступать каждый раз на одни и теже грабли? :lol:

            Не цепляйтесь к словам. Не смотря ни на что, я буду голосовать за НСНУ. Потому что лучшего ничего не вижу. Вот и все.
        • 2006.02.24 | tomcat

          они расчитаны не на таких как вы. для вас - юля (-)

        • 2006.02.27 | Михайло Свистович

          Дуже ефективні ролики

          sofu пише:
          > я не встретил еще ни одного человека, кому бы нравились эти завывающие (о-ооо-о-о) ролики.

          Вам не повезло. Я зустрів уже солтні таких.

          > Я все все-равно буду голосавать на президента. Наверное еще верю. Но ролики отвратительные, безграмотные, глупые.

          Грамотні й ефективні.
  • 2006.02.24 | tomcat

    бачив. все в ролiку - чиста прада. юля єдина хто ..

    ...хто ставив кадровi умови своєi пiдтримки. крiм неi ще тiльки Мороз пiсля 1 туру, i то не конкретно посади а 10%, нiхто iнший ультимативних вимог не висував. а тепер думайте самi хто така юля насправдi.
    згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
    • 2006.02.24 | mirgor

      Засланний козачок (-)

    • 2006.02.24 | YuT22

      Re: бачив. все в ролiку - чиста прада. юля єдина хто ..

      //...хто ставив кадровi умови своєi пiдтримки...//

      "Любі друзі" ставили такі умови! Наприклад : П.Порошенко хотів бути прем`єром, той же відомий Жванія і ін. Це - чиста правда, теж.
      згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
      • 2006.02.24 | tomcat

        якщо би ви привели якiсь свiдоцтва до вашого пустобрехства (-)

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