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    By Tom Stundza Purchasing August 1, 2007

    The U.S. sheet steel market remains challenged due to lackluster demand from such key end markets as automotive and appliances, which are prolonging the long overdue drawdown on sheet inventories.

    Theres no argument from buyers, since 62% of those surveyed this month reported steel prices flat or falling. Sheet steel prices are weak, says analyst Randy Cousins at BMO Capital Markets in a research note today.

    And thats why hot-rolled sheet has fallen to $516/ton from a cyclical peak of $630 last August and cold-rolled sheet has dropped to $603 from a peak of $725 last July-August.

    Prices of galvanized sheet, whether hot-dipped product or electrogalvanized coils, also are lower.

    Several analysts say sheet prices will continue to slip in Augustprobably to around $500 for hot-rolled and $600 for cold-rolledbecause of bland demand and reduced scrap costs.

    Analyst Mike Willemse at CIBC Capital Markets in a research note today says steel inventories will be worked down over the coming months, and overall steel prices (particularly hot rolled coil) may begin to rebound in September.

    Purchasing sees a slight pickup coming later, in October. See the latest Steel Flash Report commentary and price forecasts at www.purchasingdata.com.

    Also see: Steel prices drop for third straight month ========================================================

    Steel prices drop for third straight month By Tom Stundza Purchasing July 18, 2007

    Steel sheet prices in North America have fallen for a third consecutive month and hot-rolled sheet in coil (HRC) may even be lower than the $520/ton July price forecast by Purchasingdata.com.

    Subscription-only CRU Steel Monitor says its latest assessments put HRC prices for medium-sized buyers at $520/ton, fob Midwest mill.

    Analyst David Lipschitz at Merrill Lynch says current pricing is $510/ton but suggests that pricing may be near bottom.

    The latest Steel Flash Report and Cold-Rolled Sheet Steel Report and Forecast both are available for sale at Purchasingdata.com.

    The reports point out that the overall economy is advancing at its slowest pace in five years, the struggling U.S. manufacturing sector is weaker than expected, steel buying is wilting in the early-summer heat, integrated steelmakers have increased production and carbon and alloy steel prices in general tumbled in June to the same averages as in March.

    Just this week, with fresh market data providing evidence that mill and service center shipments are sliding in the face of very weak demand, analyst Mike Willemse at CIBC World Markets says demand may not rebound enough in the third quarter for a firm pricing rebound to take place.


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    The Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific Index lost 0.9 percent to 151.38 at 10:02 a.m. in Tokyo as about nine stocks tumbled for each one that gained. The benchmark has dropped 6.2 percent since closing at a record on July 24.

    Japan's Nikkei 225 Stock Average lost 1.4 percent to 16,740.47, headed for its lowest close since March 14. Benchmarks tumbled more than 1 percent in all other markets open for trading.


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