03/27/2001 | -

The All-Ukrainian Civic Resistance Committee "For Truth!" would like to express its sincere thanks for your solidarity in fighting for truth and democracy in our Ukraine.

Taking into the consideration the number of declarations of support and proposals for cooperation from the Diaspora and citizens of Ukraine, that live abroad, the Civic Committee "For Truth!" is turning to you with the proposal of creating foreign branches of Civic Committees "For Truth!".

In order to ensure the best activities of the Committee not only in Ukraine, but beyond its borders, the Civic Committee "For Truth!" proposes to all interested individuals and organizations to begin the building of the structure of the Committee beyond our borders for the complete or partial accomplishment of the following tasks:

1. Support and conducting events of the Committee (appeals, round tables, seminars, pickets, manifestations etc.) in your locations;

2. Creation of informational centers and conducting informational events of the CC "For Truth!";

3. Carrying out events, aimed at supporting the ideas and tasks of the committee to official institutions and international organizations and also amongst the mass media and the widest number of people within society in the countries in which you live;

4. Organization of the collection of resources for the support of educational and informational projects of the Committee as well as ensuring the transparency and accountability of their use.

The coordination of activities of representatives of the CC "For Truth!" will be carried out by the international coordinator of the Secretariat of the CC "For Truth!"

Fight and you shall overcome! God will help you!

Together we will be victorious.

Civic Committee "For Truth!"

In order to create representative CC "For Truth!" we request that you send the following information to our e-mail address nl@vybory.org.ua:

For an Organization:
Name of the Organization, Family Name and First Name of the official responsible, a brief description of your organization, how it can help, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

For Supporters:
Family name and First Name, a brief resume, how you can help, your e-mail address telephone and fax numbers.

Contact Information:
Ukraine, Kyiv
Desiatynna Street 1\3
Telephone/fax: 380-44-461-9022
e-mail nl@vybory.org.ua
www.svoboda.org.ua (After March 30, 2001)

Personal Contacts:
Dmytro Potyekhin 380-44-203-6420
Vladyslav Kaskiv 380-44-209-1078

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