Dozens injured in Kyiv after clashes with riot police

At least 100 protesters have been injured after clashes with riot police in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Volunteer medics treated them on the ground, with dozens sent on to hospital.

The Interior Ministry said 30 police had been hurt, with more than ten hospitalised.

Despite appeals from opposition leaders not to resort to violence, a minority threw molotov cocktails and stones at police overnight on Sunday.

They are angry at new legislation banning protests which they say paves the way for a police state.

Riot police responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons.

Meanwhile President Yanukovych says he will negotiate with opposition leaders and that a cross-party commission would be set up on Monday to try to resolve the crisis.

Euronews correspondent in Kyiv, Sergio Cantone, says the clashes went on all night long amid launches of stun grenades, teargas and molotov cocktails. He describes how the most radicalised sector of the crowd wasn’t ready to calm down and continued throwing molotov cocktails at riot police. There is hope on Monday that something will come of political negotiations and diplomatic activity.

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