Перемикач мов

These photos were taken by the Maidan Monitoring Information Centre while helping the Ukrainian state investigators of Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police to document Russian war crimes in the Kharkiv region between March 10, 2022 and July 13, 2023.

Maidan Monitoring Information Center is a non-government non-profit civic organization that cares for societal security in Ukraine, which is achieved through public dialogue, improving the culture of communication and reducing the level of violence in society.

Since March 29, 2022, we have been helped by our long-term partners – the Czech NGO Team 4 Ukraine. Czech criminologists, analysts, photographers and journalists help us. It was they who convinced the Czech Criminology Society to donate us the Autel drone, it was they who donated us the first car during the life of our organization. Together we are working on documenting the long-term consequences of the war in Ukraine for culture and nature.

It is impossible to separate my life from the war.

In March 2022 my previously quiet neighbourhood had a bomber hit an office building 600 metres away from me, 2 ballistic missiles struck a shopping mall across the street 150 metres away.

Our office was hit by a shock wave from a powerful explosion nearby, making it unusable.

The scope of bombing and shelling of my home city Kharkiv has been so huge that we decided to start helping the Ukrainian state investigation to produce photographic evidence of the attacks on civilian infrastructure. Myself and my team are involved as independent experts by the Security Service of Ukraine. Most of the images you see are included in casefiles and we hope one day they will tell our story in international courts.

Nataliya Zubar
Maidan Monitoring Information Center, Chair

Kharkiv. March 19, 2022. Historical apartment building hit by a bomber. By Nataliya Zubar.
Kharkiv. March 19, 2022. Historical building, an office of Maidan Monitoring Information Center. By Nataliya Zubar.