Американський актор Джордж Клуні передав персональне вітання Українському народові!

Джордж Клуні давно і системно займається правозахисною діяльністю.

In a YouTube video posted Monday morning, Clooney praised the “brave citizens of Ukraine who are struggling to look forward and not back.”
“We [in the U.S.] have learned, through trial and error, that true democracy cannot exist without a free and fair and honest election. You cannot have a democracy when you arrest and harm its peaceful protesters,” Clooney said.

He added, ”So let me just say this to all of you in the square in Kiev or all around Ukraine: when you look to the West, know that we are looking back at you with great admiration. We wish you a peaceful and safe mission. We wish you the government that you want, and we wish you the strength to carry on.”


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