Petr Pojman explains: Why is there no heating and no internet in Izium?

Перемикач мов

The newly liberated territories of Ukraine are suffering from the energy problems, due to the actions of Russian army – generally, the electrical infrastructure, petrol stations are destroyed. The biggest problem for the next cold months will be heating.
Internet and mobile connection are also lacking – you can see one of the many destroyed and plundered base transceiver stations.

PP: So, this is only one of the many examples: some electrical station, electrical substation. This is an electrical substation. So, it means that the houses around have no electricity.

We have the same problem with the gas, we have the same problem with the petrol, with the diesel, with fuel in general! A lot of petrol stations here in general, with a lot of storage places with the petroleum fuel are… and with the… Energy resources in general are destroyed.

The electricity is not working. The mobile network is not working. It means, now, winter is coming soon and “somehow” there is no way for heating. So, some people [here] will not be survived, they will not be survived the winter, and some of them will need to move from this place to some other parts of Ukraine, where these services are working. Heating is one of the best… Heating is one of the biggest problem in the next months, because the heating is not working in a many liberated places of Ukraine.


PP: So, here you see the reason why there is no Internet in Izium region.

Because this station – I believe, it’s BTS station for sharing mobile and Internet signal, – it’s partly destroyed and partly stolen. Actually, some details are stolen, and that’s why there is still no Internet. It has to be fixed, because the city is without Internet.

Documented by Petr Pojman on September 23, 2022. Izium, Kharkiv region, Ukraine. Videographer – Yevhen Tytarenko.