6th Maidan Reload Discussion was Featured in the European Parliament

March 12б 2013 during the 6<sup>th</sup> Maidan Reload discussion leading NGO experts from Kharkiv, Kyiv and Lviv debated the question whether EU should sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine which is experiencing rapid deterioration in observance of human rights. Two opposite views were presented.

One position which is more popular in facebook (80%) and Maidan forum (60%) considers that the EU and the Ukrainian civil society should not waste the chance to finalize the ultimate European choice for Ukraine and get out of Russian orbit as far as possible; to achieve this objective no political or legal or human rights issues inside Ukraine should be taken into consideration.

The opposite position takes into account the rapid deterioration of human rights observance by the government authorities in Ukraine and considers that signing the Association Agreement under these circumstances would lead to further curtailing to democracy in Ukraine.

Both sides of the debate recognize and agree to the arguments of others but their attitude remained unchanged.

More on our innovative format of discussions to follow soon.