Great Russian Chauvinism – an inconvenient example

A persistent nuclear Russian menace is not the world we want. It is equal to if not more dangerous than global warming. The lesson to be learned is that most Russians in terms of chauvinism and imperialism rise to the level at least of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, however much he is admired in the West. Thus, the demise of Vladimir Putin would be only a temporary reprieve.

Further action plan

In a previous writing I referred to a metaphor of us being like ants which I borrowed from a Ukrainian in southern Ukraine under constant fire. If we follow that paradigm and each work tirelessly, doing simply what we are meant to do, we will prevail. And Ukraine and the world will be saved. That is not hyperbole.

Думай що читаєш! (Відео влог про книги)

Сьогоднішній випуск книжкового блоґу #fedorchuk_books присвячений книзі «Світ повний демонів. Наука як свічка у пітьмі» видатного американського астрофізика та популяризатора науки Карла Сагана (1934 – 1996).

Kremlin’s methods do not change

For both the Czech Republic and the EU, Ukrainian experience is important because the methods that were and are being used by Russia against Ukraine are similar to those used by Russia in other countries.