Destroyed residential buildings. Kulykivskiy Lane, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Czech analyst Adam Sybera at the impact site of the Russian S-300 strike to Kharkiv.
Documented on February 5, 2023. 17 Marshala Bazhanova street and Kulykivskiy Lane, Kharkiv.

Video – Petr Pojman, Yevhen Tytarenko
Photo – Kateryna and Oleksii Svid
Narrator – Adam Sybera
Editor – Nataliya Zubar

Adam Sybera: It’s February 5, we are in Kharkiv, on Bazhanova Street 17, where about 2 hours ago there was a strike of S-300 rocket. Here is the impact site. We’re trying to look  for any confirmation if it was a truly S-300. Unfortunately, all the details are not known yet.

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