“For us in Europe, it’s something absolutely crazy” – exploring the rocket-proof bus station in Kharkiv

Nataliya Zubar and Czech criminologist Petr Pojman are exploring the first rocket-proof bus station in Kharkiv, which can be a shelter in case of shelling or missile attack. Inside, there are cameras, panic button and no windows. The place looks safe but absolutely crazy for an ordinary European.

Documented on September 17, 2022 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Videographer – Nataliya Zubar.

PP: This is something for us… for us in Europe, it’s something absolutely crazy, but this is like a bus station, rocket-proof bus station. You can go in.
NZ: This is it the first one built in Kharkiv.
PP: Here you can see the cameras also for security reason, there is a panic button, and the place is to wait for a bus. The problem is that we don’t see the bus because there are no glass, there are no windows. But here it should be a safe place to survive a rocket or some…
NZ: Multiple launcher system strikes like Grad, Uragan, and it have been…
PP: It’s for the bus, you can survive here, and the reason why it’s here because this part of the city was really in the other… big big danger. So, this is the place to…
NZ: And city government, Kharkiv city government said that they are planning to build many of such a… well, the rocket proof shelters. It says “shelter” in Ukrainian.
PP: I hope it will not be necessary to build bus stations like this in all the countries which have a common border with Russia.

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