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Information Self-help Groups as Information Security School Development

Information Security School is the response of Maidan Monitoring Information Center to the challenges facing Ukrainian society and the state, including a hybrid war, and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the bad governance, and the tendency of the majority of the society to believe in all sorts of miracles.
We teach people information hygiene skills, practices of organizing and supporting groups with common interests, skills of effective communication with opponents, and practices of safe existence in information and cyberspace. […]

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Here we go again: How Russia exploits the same scenario for recurring information attacks on Ukraine

Russian “holy cow” Victory day is being enforced by reference to the 2nd of May, day when Odesa abrupted spreading of the “Russian spring” towards the south. Russia gladly uses this day to simulate the so-called former glory backed with the constant narrative of “Odeskaya Hatyn” and “neo-Nazi movements” in Ukraine. Based on that, each year escalation forecasts spread over the media and launch waves of panic among the civilians. However, this time the matter would be an information attack itself. […]


Вклонімося великим тим рокам. Забуті герої Другої Світової.

      За всіх часів  зустрічаються герої. Це особлива каста людей, здатна в будь-який момент прийти на допомогу і стати муром на захист Вітчизни. Їх життя настільки не підвладне ніяким правилам, що іноді схоже на міф. […]