Upcoming. Premonition of World Information War

#SecureUkraine Discussions start November 1, 2016 with “Premonition of World Information War”

November 1, 2016, in Kharkiv and online. 18:30 – 20:30 Kyiv time (UTC +02:00)

We will start with these topics:

  • Freedom of speech and global information war.
  • What are the markers of the victory in large-scale information war?
  • Individual and collective emotional defense against the large-scale psychological operations.

Language: English



(list of speakers will be updated)

You can join us in person in Kharkiv (see map) or online via Skype

For more details contact Nataliya Zubar pani@maidan.org.ua

Live stream will be available at our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ukrainianreport

The topics were outlined during the discussion “Information War in Ukraine and European Union” and from analyzing the feedback from readers of “Ukraine International Framework for Information and Communication Security”

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Ivana Smolenova “The Pro-Russian Disinformation Campaign in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Types of Media Spreading Pro-Russian Propaganda, Their Characteristics and Frequently Used Narratives”

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