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The Western Strategy for the War in Ukraine – Croatian Lesson

ven today, however, many Western strategists and politicians are reluctant to send Ukraine the weapons that could help it decisively destroy the Russian invasion. They should learn from historical precedents and, instead of relying on futile peace negotiations, do everything possible to provide Ukraine with all the necessary means to completely eradicate the Russian war machine in Ukraine. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put an end to Russian expansionist ambitions that should not be missed. […]


Lessons of Croatia for Ukraine. Yugoslav wars

There have been suggestions from several persons (including myself) that studying history of Yugoslav Wars could be beneficial for understanding the things and decision making in Ukraine. These conflicts are arguably the most similar historical events and both similarities and differences could help to provide better understanding and better prediction of the developments in the territories of the former Soviet Union. […]

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Lessons of Croatia for Ukraine: Nikola Šubić Zrinski song

Croatia has gained independence only recently, nevertheless during Middle ages it was independent state and even after losing independence, it retained certain degree of autonomy up to the First world war. This means that through the most of its history Croatian nobility existed and Croatian soldiers had chance to fight for its homeland, not merely for the foreign ruler.