The Russians damaged another architectural monument – the Palace of Labor

During the first months of the full-scale invasion, the Russians were actively destroying historic buildings in the center of Kharkiv. On March 2, 2022, there were fierce battles for the city. As a result of rocket fire, the Palace of Labor was significantly damaged. During the spring of 2022, the occupiers carried out an airstrike on the Maidan of the Constitution. In particular, they damaged the facades, windows and roof of the building

Палац праці
Palace of Labor. Photo by Yevhen Tytarenko. May 12, 2022

The Palace of Labor is an architectural monument of local importance. It was built in 1916 according to the project of the architect Hipolit Pretro. He specialized in modern architecture. In this project, Pretro combined modern style with neoclassicism. Initially, it was the profit house of the Insurance Company. There were also residential apartments in the building, which were rented for enormously expansive prices.

Palace of Labor. Photo by Natalia Zubar. May 22, 2022
Palace of Labor. Photo by Natalia Zubar. May 22, 2022

After the seizure of power, the Bolsheviks declared this building state property. Since 1920, the All-Ukrainian Council of Trade Unions, as well as the People’s Commissariat of Labor, have been based here. After that, the building received its modern name – the Palace of Labor.

Julia Hush

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