Matrona Timofijivna, born in Kursk

Матрона Тимофіївна бажає, щоб російські матері та сестри припинили відправляти своїх синів на безглузду війну, тому що їм не потрібно бачити їхню смерть. […]


From Color to Monochrome and Back Again: A Girl’s Tale of Her Childhood Infatuation

I grew up in a grey rectangular city built by dreamers playing with gigantic concrete blocks. The dreamers imagined a purposeful communal living where workers together would build a glorious future without some negligible material things distracting them on the way. The future-builders would look out of the enormous three-panel windows of their apartments, see and greet each other. They would spend minimal allotted time in their tiny toilets and kitchens conjoined with bathtubs. These were all great dreams of innovators later called “Constructivists”, but these dreams did not belong to the little girl who loved fairy tales. […]

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The Western Strategy for the War in Ukraine – Croatian Lesson

ven today, however, many Western strategists and politicians are reluctant to send Ukraine the weapons that could help it decisively destroy the Russian invasion. They should learn from historical precedents and, instead of relying on futile peace negotiations, do everything possible to provide Ukraine with all the necessary means to completely eradicate the Russian war machine in Ukraine. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put an end to Russian expansionist ambitions that should not be missed. […]


Законопроект про Корінні народи Криму викликав серйозне занепокоєння противника.

Росіяни (московити, зденаціоналізовані або природні) – практично ніде не корінні народи, окрім маленьких частин центральних губерній.
А українська ініціатива – це сигнал корінним народам Росії на тему “а що, так можна було?”. […]


Roman Serbyn. Holodomor: The Ukrainian Genocide

The first scholar to posit a conceptual framework for analyzing what we now call “the Holodomor” was Raphael Lemkin. A renowned authority on international law, well versed in the Soviet legal system, Lemkin called upon his vast knowledge of the political realities in the Soviet Union to give  a  penetrating  insight  into  the  mechanics  of the Ukrainian tragedy in his essay entitled “Soviet Genocide in the Ukraine.” […]


Вклонімося великим тим рокам. Забуті герої Другої Світової.

      За всіх часів  зустрічаються герої. Це особлива каста людей, здатна в будь-який момент прийти на допомогу і стати муром на захист Вітчизни. Їх життя настільки не підвладне ніяким правилам, що іноді схоже на міф. […]

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Ukrainian Maidans are 25 Years Old

Some wonder when the next Maidan will occur in Ukraine. I hope there will be no need for this extreme protest technology as our country is set on a solid path of transit to democracy. However, every new Ukrainian government should know for sure – the Ukrainian people will stand up again, if we see fundamental violations of democracy. […]