Matrona Timofijivna, born in Kursk

Матрона Тимофіївна бажає, щоб російські матері та сестри припинили відправляти своїх синів на безглузду війну, тому що їм не потрібно бачити їхню смерть. […]

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The History We Still Live In

The behaviour of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, constant shelling of civilian targets, in parts irreversible destruction of public infrastructure, inhumane treatment and intentional killing of Ukrainian citizens, including public officials, do not fall under the definition of warfare. […]

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The Stage is Set

The European Union should be prepared to demonstrate its integrity. As such it should encourage all of the member states to declare support both to Ukraine, which faces a threat of military invasion, as well as Poland and Lithuania who are in the first line of defence toward the hybrid threat of forced migration by the Lukashenka regime. […]