Сold multiplies the damage caused by the rocket

Analyst Adam Sybera shows the destructions caused by a Russian missile in the spring of 2022. The building of the Agricultural Academy, which is a monument of architecture, and surrounding residential buildings are damaged. The big problem is broken windows, which makes inhabitance within such buildings impossible in winter times.

Documented on March 08, 2022 by Nataliya Zubar and on December 06, 2022 by Petr Pojman. Narrated by Adam Sybera.

So, behind me is what used to be another educational institution. I would call it an agricultural academy, which was also hit by rockets. As you can see, the impact that the force, the wave of force destructed a lot of buildings in the surrounding, including the windows.

This damage is plumbing and critical infrastructure of the houses which make them inhabitable to live. As a result, a lot of people must either find a new living or even move from the city, because you cannot live in this weather without energy. The cold essentially multiplies the damage caused by the rocket many times.

[Monument of architecture and town planning of local importance. The first real school, 1875-1877]

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