20,000 meters of camouflage netting

Reportage from the cult tent “All for the Victory”.
February 17, 2023. Kharkiv. Constitution Square.
In the frame – Boris Redin and Yevhen Tytarenko. Behind the scene – Natalia Zubar.
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Yevhen Tytarenko: Yes, there was Jan, he is Czech, and well… he seems to be a writer. And I took him to Northern Saltivka, where he burst into tears. But then, when he came [here] and says: “Oh, Ukrainian humor!” And he took pictures of all these stands and [it] really cheered him up. A lot of fun ones… By the way, it seems that fresh ones have appeared. Yes, little by little…

Yes, here is our “All for the Victory” tent, which, let’s say, suffered because of the hit of Iskander missile. I believe, to a very large extent. And somewhere in the depths there is such a person as Borya Redin, who only does what is weaving nettings.

– Borya! O-o-oh, and here is Borya!
– Hello!
– Hello, hello, long time no see!

Apparently, to the front line. Well, or… once again to the warehouse, and then again to the front line.

– All through the warehouse!
– Through of the warehouse, that’s right, accounting is needed.
– Without it, it’s just a mess.
– And how many nettings have you already shipped?
– Well, 20 thousand for sure. Square meters, that is.


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