Celebrating the International Day of Factchecking!

April 2, 2021,  ERIM International writes about us!

Today we would like to combine two festive occasions at once: closing of our campaign on women success stories and celebrating the International Day of Factchecking- https://factcheckingday.com/!

So, let’s meet the amazing team of the maidan.org.ua, experienced in promoting information hygiene and running campaigns combating disinformation. They are now garnering civic leaders’ support and creating grass-roots self-help groups against the pandemic to build on the strong ties in communities and to raise awareness about the avalanche of COVID 19-related fake news.

Nataliya Zubar, Chair of the Maidan Monitoring Information Center, is an information security professional from Kharkiv, who compares experience of historical psychological operations with the current ‘infodemic’. She shares accessible information about neuroscience, which she currently studies at Duke University, to help the students to overcome panic and stress.

It was Oksana Yatsiuk, a civic activist from Vinnitsa, who proposed the idea of self-help groups to counter COVID 19 disinformation. To create the groups Oksana used her own experience as an information security trainer and her individual feeling of isolation during the lockdown.

Uliana Didych, a community leader from Lviv, has long been interested in the topic of information security and manipulation. She runs trainings on the basics of information security and is especially interested in the psychology of the media’s influence on people and information attacks.

Julia Bylyna from Kremenchuk works on media literacy and information security, developing her own skills of critical thinking and perception of information and teaching it to others.

Viktoria Bogdanova from Pyatykhatki believes that information security is one of the main challenges faced by society today. She created an informational self-help group for the teaching community and uses the acquired knowledge in lessons and in extracurricular activities.

Vira Gryaznova from Kiyv administers several neighborhood informational self-help groups, promotes information security.

The self-help groups are supported by the European Union.

European Union in Ukraine
Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

Vira Gryaznova
Uliana Didych
Julia Bylyna
Viktoria Bogdanova
Oksana Yatsiuk
Nataliya Zubar

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