Flying for Victory

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by Patrick Brion

The war in Ukraine has push technology forward, especially regarding to drones.  Boths sides are using them extensively, but Ukraine keeps pushing the boundaries as to what drones can do, be it in the air, ground, or sea.

But they need to be produced and the Ukrainian army still copes partially with understanding the tactical value and necessity of units, where skilled drone operators can push the odds on the battlefield.

The number of drones, in various configurations, has now become a skillset where Ukrainian specialists excel, often volunteers spending their time and own financial resources for the mass production of drones.

One of the organisations is in the West of Ukraine.  Several years ago, the drone production started with just two people.  They continued to develop the needed technical knowledge to continuously improve the quality of drones.

On a sunny afternoon, I met with Yuriy and Andrej.  Both are married and understand the importance of their work.  Their organization now fields around thirty volunteers, with a wide range of knowledge.  Some of the volunteers commit to the production of the drones, others are more involved in the research and development, thus improving the drones.

Initially, the drones made, were only used by Ukrainian Special Forces, which quickly understood the tactical importance.  Slowly, but surely the number of units receiving drones, grew.  Today, the organization can produce up to 20.000 per month, while focusing on two different types of drones, the so-called FPV drones (First Person View), that work with analogue camera.  A staggering amount, but one needs also to understand the number of drones used on the battlefield by many skilled Ukrainian drone operators.

So even when the organization is volunteer based, it needs funds.  All the components, needed for the production, is financially carried by them. Currently, they work already with several Ukrainian IT companies, who support them financially.

But besides finances, another problem is the time it needs to convince the Ukrainian military to quickly certify and accept the quality drones delivered.  Surely a technical certification is needed, ensuring that the drones used, are also effective on the battlefield.  Every drone counts!  This still needs a “change of attitude” within the Ukrainian General Staff, especially on the logistical field.  A specialized department, just responsible for the drone production, could be a great step forward.  It would also allow a deeper network, on Ukrainian and international level.

The organization is also looking to deepen their relationship with other partners, especially on an international level.  A project, explaining the important work they perform, will be prepared, enabling them to reach out to international partners.

They also teach people to use the drones.  Even more important than the drone itself, are the operators who fly them.  This is still a major issue within the Ukrainian army, as the training does require a minimum time and operators need to efficient.  They are close to the frontline, thus becoming an important target for the Russian invader.  As the quality and radius of the drones produced, continue to improve, it gives the operators the possibility to work further away from the frontline and thus be more effective.

It is thanks to organizations like this, that Ukraine can withstand the new technological war.  Their commitment to their country and its soldiers is still unbroken.

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