На Київщині депутат погрожує неповнолітньому активісту!

Депутат Києво-Святошинської райради Олександр Паламарчук підняв руку на 16-річного школяра-активіста Сергія Чагарова, який висвітлює дерибани землі в селі Гатне Київської області. […]

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Mass Blocking of the Ukrainian Users Twitter Accounts start Russian Operation “Brotherly Peoples”

Mass blockings of the Twitter accounts of those Ukrainian users who have active anti-Putin’s mindset and are followed by thousands users is a part of the Russian special operation “Brotherly Peoples”. The goal of this operation is informational deleting Ukrainian patriots who critically and with fact-checking approach regard the idea of reconciliation or “fraternization” with pro-Russian separatists and terrorists being spread. And the final goal of this special operation is destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and “regime changing” to pro-Russian government. […]

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Predictions and Program for Ukraine for the Next 30 Months

I do not consider the times of changes a curse as an ancient Chinese proverb says. These times provide a chance to unheard advances of human talent and of the countries these humans create. We have the chance to build the new country, friendly for its inhabitants, interesting for the world, open for friends and safeguarded against enemies. I know Ukraine will make a great use of this chance; the open question is when exactly? The systemic transformations should be implemented quickly; otherwise, reforms could take decades. […]