Training and saving lives – support by Task Force Yankee Ukraine

Since March 2022, Task Force Yankee Ukraine has been present in Ukraine and supporting the Ukrainian people in their fight for Freedom.

The focus of operations, conducted by Task Force Yankee Ukraine are TC3, the so-called Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Until today, over 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been trained to conduct firsthand medical care on themselves and others.

Task Force Yankee has two bases of operations, one in Lviv and one in Kyiv.

From those bases, the TC3 instructors prepare, coordinate, and execute the operations. The TC3 courses are flexible, depending on the time that can be invested.

On the courses, Ukrainian security forces learn how to use the IFAK, the Individual First Aid Kit.

That medical equipment is handed out during the course and students conduct practical training.

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Photos by Patrick Brion

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