Christmas thoughts 2022

by Patrick Brion

It is Christmas day here in Germany. Despite the lack of snow and ambient temperatures, all houses have Christmas decorations, the last shopping is done today.

As I write this text, my thoughts go to Ukraine. The six months I was there, were filled with encounters, sadness, long days, air alarms and strikes and people suffering.

But it also meant discovering Ukraine, meeting fabulous people and organizations, helping people all over Ukraine, evacuating mothers and children to a safer place.

So the balance of those thoughts are positive and it never felt like time wasted.

I met people who I really care about, and miss.

While we celebrate Christmas in warm homes, with electricity, Ukrainian people are still hiding in shelters, hoping that their homes will not be hit by a drone or missile. They go through these days, often without heating, water or power, yet endure and stand as one nation.

To those fighting for the Freedom of Ukraine,
To those working day and night to provide power and heating,
To those driving supplies to every corner of Ukraine,
To those working day and night to support Ukraine,
Stay safe.

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