Announcement. VI Kharkiv International Security Forum

On April 21, 2023, the VI Kharkiv International Security Forum “Fight for Minds in the Time of Full-scale Aggression against Ukraine” will be held in the heroic city of Kharkiv

The content of security issues changed radically when, instead of a hybrid war, the enemy unleashed full-scale hostilities. The war with the Russian Federation is an existential challenge, because the fate of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state is being decided. Kharkiv turned into a “city of reinforced concrete”, an invincible fortress that destroyed the plans of the aggressor at the beginning of the war. On the agenda is the discussion of problems of national resistance, strengthening the spiritual foundations of the nation, punishment of the aggressor and a look into the future, which should be safer than the previous years of Ukrainian history.

A new security philosophy should unite Ukrainians in the post-war period, and the discussions on this issue should start today, because the war revealed our strengths and weaknesses. The uncompromising struggle is not only for the physical space of existence of Ukrainians, but also for the souls, mentality, minds of people in the conditions of informational and cognitive war. We will discuss these challenges.

As in previous years, the forum will be held in the format of discussion panels, where speakers will be politicians, scientists, military, civil leaders, and journalists. The following thematic panels are planned:

  • Will the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war create a new philosophy of national security?
  • Ideological, symbolic, informational fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • Documentation of war crimes.
  • Transformation of journalistic practices in conditions of full-scale war.

The forum will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

The forum will be held on April 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m (GMT +3:00). Register for this facebook event to receive detailed announcements of all panels, information about speakers and instant invitations to all online panels on April 21.

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