Celebrating Easter in Kahla

By Patrick Brion

One week after the catholic Easter celebrations, the Ukraine people celebrated.  Many in their country, still torn by war, but also many of them currently in Germany.

In Kahla, in the center of Germany, known as Thuringia, 100 refugees from Ukraine found shelter and help.  Since two weeks they are now organized and regularly meet.  The Easter event last Sunday was a great way of coming together and enjoy the day.

Over 50 of them, mostly women and children, found their way to the town museum, where they were welcomed.  Everyone brought something to eat and soon the tables were filled with Ukrainian delicatesses. They sang, they prayed and enjoyed a great afternoon.

The children also had a surprise as Easter sweets had been hidden inside the museum.  Together with their mothers, they quickly found the hidden treasures and equally enjoyed the history of the museum.  So tradition and history came together.

Everyone was very happy they joined and the next month another big event is planned, where Ukrainian food will be the centerpiece of the event.

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