Dark Blue Croatian Helmet Saved Three Lives in Bakhmut

Bakhmut, Ukraine. Once upon a time in 2022, a dugout with a concrete ceiling was shelled by Russians with 300 mortar mines, 297 missed and 3 hit the target.

The dugout collapsed on Ukrainian soldiers and a field doctor hiding in it. The doctor suffered a mild concussion and was wounded in the leg by a fragment of a mine, however her head and her life were saved by the Croatian helmet.

Shortly after the hit the doctor regained consciousness, then she came out from under the concrete rubble and pulled two wounded soldiers off the battlefield, using just one healthy leg and ultimately saved their lives.

The field doctor received a military award and became acting chief medic of the battalion.

Read the story of Dark Blue Helmets for Volunteers: from Europe to Kharkiv with Love.

The very helmet on Borys Zakharov before it was transferred by a volunteer to a field doctor.

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