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5 June 2024, Patrick Brion

832. That is the number of days, Ukraine has now been at war. In 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, help came from all over the world. 2024, the situation has changed. For many people, living over the world, this ongoing conflict has been set aside. Other, sometimes more important local events now cover the media.

However, the war in Ukraine is still present. I arrived for the fifth time in this amazing country. So, the mission started at the border crossing in Hrushiv, where I was virtually alone to enter Ukraine. The customs and border guards were very friendly, and it took only 10 minutes to cross.

Arrived in Lviv, a full schedule was waiting. But the first event in Lviv was handing over supplies to my local point of contact. Nataliya then brought them to the Благодать children home. What was so special about the supplies, is that they were collected by the Ukrainian refugees in my German hometown. So, even when not being in Ukraine, they help their country.

Small things do matter. The mission continues. So should the help!

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