Budapest. Mapping the Russian aggression against Ukraine: Damage to cultural heritage and environment

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Team 4 Ukraine, Czechia; together with Adapt Institute, Slovakia; Smolna Association, Poland; Maidan Monitoring Information Center, Ukraine
in cooperation with Central European University in Budapest, Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Czech Centre in Budapest

would like to invite you to

Round table with field experienced monitoring officers on the results of the project:
Mapping the Russian aggression against Ukraine:
Damage to cultural heritage and environment

30 May 2024, 17:00 at the Central European University, Budapest, Nador utca 15
Room number: N15 101 Quantum room

Opening speech by Viktoria Svereniak, counsellor, Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary
– Nataliya Zubar, Maidan Monitoring Information Center
– Matěj Pastir, Adapt Institute
– Petr Pojman, Team 4 Ukraine (T4U)

We have visited places destroyed as a result of the war. During the monitoring, we gathered information, photos, videos, and testimonies from witnesses, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Special focus was also given to war crime documentation. We have seen deliberate destruction of Ukrainian identity at the main landmarks of Ukrainian history and culture, as well as the destruction of the environment with disastrous consequences for the livelihood of people.

Contact: Petr Pojman, Ph.D., T4U, Chair +420/732249636,

Supported by
International Visegrad Fund

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