Cybersecurity in Ukraine – sharing the positive experience with V4 countries

White Paper published!

Whitepaper T4U_V4   Assistance in Cyber Security for Ukraine and transfer of Ukrainian experience into Central Europe

Today cyber security is crucial issue not only for Ukraine but for V4 countries too. Nowadays Ukraine deals with a unique situation in cyber security due to permanent attacks on its critical infrastructure and civil objects. Ukraine has an experience in resistance to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, attempts to influence the political system via cyber attacks towards local officials, journalists, NGOs and citizens targeted by such attacks on daily basis. The ongoing “hybrid” conflict with the Russian Federation has contributed to the significant increase in Ukrainian cyber security capabilities. Ukraine has a lot of experts in the field, however many organizations and individuals still lack a basic knowledge or technical readiness. Therefore it is necessary to collect, analyze and transfer the positive experience to V4 countries, which are also affected by cyberattacks. It is also necessary to raise the awareness on this issue among Ukrainian and V4 society. Lack of awareness leads to the systematic breach of simple cybersecurity rules by civil staff that brings to cyber attacks.

The project: “Cybersecurity in Ukraine – sharing the positive experience with V4 countries” was supported by Visegrad fund,

Original publication is here

Our main partners are:

-NGO Maidan Monitoring Information Centre,, Ukraine

-Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association,, Slovakia

-Poland-Ukraine Research Centre,, Poland

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