Kharkiv. Chronicles of the Attack on the City. Day 25 (20.03.2022)

By Serhiy Petrov

The Muscovites have changed their tactics in the last few days. Most active shelling of the residential areas now occurs in the evenings rather than mornings. That’s not to say there’s no shelling in the mornings at all, it’s just less intense than in the evenings. It’s been relatively quiet in the daytime (to varying degrees depending on the neighborhood).

A hospital in Kharkiv. One of the city’s architectural landmarks. Photo by Serhiy Petrov a.k.a. Kharkivian, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Most of the shelling fell on Pivnichna Saltivka, the Saltivka microdistrict, Velyka Danylivka, Oleksiyivka, Pavlove Pole, Obriy (Horizon), Rohan’, and the Kharkiv Tractor Plant neighborhood. The shelling was generally more intense today than it was yesterday. Derhachi, Chuhuiv, and other villages and suburbs to the north and southeast of the city were shelled as well. Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded, there’s destruction of residential areas (both single-family homes and apartment buildings), schools, and other civilian infrastructure. Monuments and ancient buildings are also being damaged or destroyed by the shelling.

Kharkiv has been holding up for over three weeks. However, due to multiple damages, utility networks are gradually failing. For example, running water is supplied on a schedule in some areas. Hot water is not available at all. There is no heating in the areas affected by shelling. Today, there were water problems in many parts of the city due to the damage. The water situation varies depending on the area. Some areas haven’t had water for several weeks, others for several days. Some areas didn’t have water all day today.

Those who feel psychologically overwhelmed in this situation should leave. Many of my acquaintances have left. It’s the right thing to do, because during the war, if you can’t work or otherwise be useful and effective, you must try to survive. Find a safe or relatively quiet place. It’s important not to go on the roof and not to burn out. In fact, people will continue to leave and in about a month, if the situation in the city doesn’t change, Kharkiv’s population will be reduced to 25-35% of what it was in mid-February. This is the objective reality and it’s normal.

However, almost all my friends and acquaintances among the volunteers stayed in the city and have contributed to victory. By the way, most of the Kharkiv WiKi community also remained in the city. Not everyone can edit Wikipedia in such conditions, of course, but the most important thing is that we support each other in these difficult days. Despite all of life’s difficulties, the mood in the city is quite steady. Kharkiv’s residents are holding on bravely and aren’t getting discouraged. 

Meanwhile, the hatred of Rusnya (translator’s note: “Rusnya” is a pejorative for “Russians”) keeps growing. 

There’s an ongoing struggle in Kharkiv with looters and those who are selling goods without proper permits. Concerned residents are helping the authorities in this struggle.

Many animals have died in the Feldman Ecopark (zoo). Some red deer ran away after their enclosure was ruined. The Ecopark’s administration is pleading with the public not to kill them, because they can feed themselves in the wild. Fortunately, some animals were taken to safety.

The situation in Izyum, which is being continuously shelled, is difficult. It’s impossible to bring humanitarian aid there and evacuate people. In fact, Izyum now has its own Chornobaivka. As soon as Muscovites try to take defensive positions near one of the checkpoints, our forces smash them to pieces. The situation in the occupied Balaklia and Kupyansk is complicated.

An attempt to organize a humanitarian corridor in Vovchansk ended with a loss of contact with six people: five drivers and one doctor. Perhaps the Russists have taken them hostage. They are unable to take our soldiers prisoners, so they are taking civilians hostage, which is common practice for terrorist states and their terrorist populations. 

Humanitarian aid could not be delivered to the village of Mala Rohan’, near Kharkiv, where orcs have taken defensive positions. Looting, rape, and other “virtues” of RuSSkiy Mir (“Russian World”) are flourishing there. 

A shipment of humanitarian aid was delivered to the village of Rohan’, which is also suffering from shelling along with other settlements of the Rohan’ village community. This is a different Rohan’ from the Rohan’ district on the southeastern outskirts of Kharkiv. This one is located along the highway to Chuhuiv and remains under our control.

In Kreminna, Luhansk region, a Muscovite tank shot at nursing home, just as the Nazis killed everyone they considered inferior, such as psychiatric hospitals patients, Jews, Roma, and so on. But the Russists have surpassed even the Nazis and consider the elderly and otherwise vulnerable as inferior. Russism must be punished and destroyed!

Public protests against Muscovites continue in the occupied cities of Kherson and Zaporizhia, despite arrests and shootings. These people have shown their heroism through non-violent resistance! Kherson, Kakhovka, Energodar (where the deputy mayor was abducted), Berdyansk, you guys are doing great!

Finally, several pro-Russia parties have suspended their activities. This is good from my point of view. All things considered, members of these parties have to make a choice: leave the party now or face problems in future. Generally, in a year or two, these parties will be pushed out to the margins. This will be the end of any pro-Muscovite movements in Ukraine. That’s good. 

The decolonization movement that started in Kharkiv is gaining momentum in various cities of Ukraine: in Zaporozhye, Uzhgorod, and others. I am wondering when the decolonization processes will intensify in Kyiv? When will we rename the railways (South, South-West), because they were named back in tsarist times by geographical location related to the center of the empire ?

Today’s Darwin Award deservedly goes to Olezhka “Shto” Tsarev, who called on Ukraine to surrender Kryvyi Rih, and whom [Kryvyi Rih’s military administration head and former Ukraine vice prime minister] Oleksandr Vilkul, who became a great Ukrainian patriot, sent the way of the Russian warship. Interesting times we live in )))

Thank you to our soldiers who are defending Kharkiv and the Kharkiv agglomeration for another day. Let’s support our military, volunteers, doctors, rescuers, public utility workers, and electrical engineers. Keep hanging on! Everything will be, Ukraine!

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