Kharkiv. Chronicles of the Attack on the City. Day 30 (25.03.2022)

By Serhiy Petrov

Today was a relatively quiet day. Relatively because there had been shelling, but it wasn’t very intense. The main reason for that is our glorious military slowly pushing the Muscovites to the border. In addition, our people aren’t sitting still and are vigorously attacking the enemy with artillery.

 There was some intensive shelling in the morning and much less in the afternoon. In the evening the attacks became even more infrequent. During the night and in the morning, Muscovites fired rocket artillery at the airport area, damaging the terminal and houses in the area. In the morning, the Metro supermarket area in the south of the city and Osnova were also shelled. Unfortunately, they hit a humanitarian-aid queue there, killing four people and injuring three.

 Second day in a row Muscovites are deliberately hitting humanitarian-aid points in Kharkiv. Their goal is to sow panic and despair. However, I repeat, the result is quite the opposite. Also hit were Pivnichna Saltivka, the rest of Saltivka, Oleksiivka, Pyatykhatky, Zhukovsky village, as well as Obriya, and the Kharkiv Tractor Plant neighborhood.

Photo by Serhiy Petrov CC BY-SA 4.0

In the afternoon, the Muscovites fired again at the Barabashovo market area. A small fire broke out but was quickly contained, and as a result very few pavilions were damaged. However, they also aimed at the residential areas of Tyurynka and Shevchenko, as well as Zhuravlivka. The column of smoke and horrible smell hovering over the city during the day was not from Barabashovo. It came from that area, but for obvious reasons I’m not going to write what it was.

During the night and in the morning, there was of Derhachi, in particular from a drone. As a result the shopping center, the cultural center, a branch of UkrPoshta (post office), and a heating main were damaged, which left that part of the city without heating.

The evening was relatively calm. At the same time, Kharkiv’s defense units counterattacked in the southeastern and eastern directions and as a result cleared and liberated the village of Mala Rohan’ from the orcs who were there just a few days ago, thanks in particular to friendly fire from their own helicopter. 

Fighting is also ongoing in the village of Vilkhivka, the center of the Vilkhiv village community to the east of the city, to clear it from the enemy. Seventeen Muscovites of the reconnaissance type were taken prisoner, 15 of whom—fighters from the Temporarily Occupied Area of Ukraine (ORDO)—were under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Because of this, the Muscovites are being pushed away from the southeastern outskirts of the city, and hopefully the shelling of this area will be less intense as a result. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our soldiers!

The front line is gradually being pushed away from the city, although the Muscovites are attacking using long-range and jet artillery. Our people proactively destroyed one of the electronic warfare stations, which was jamming both communications and air defense. This is very good, because in some areas close to the conditional front line (this is really a big convention in maneuvering warfare, because the use of bases plays a role here) connection was very weak.

Today I drove around the city. There are noticeably more cars on the roads, so it’s not always possible to easily cross and walk the main streets. There are few people on the streets, which is how it should be, because security is paramount. The city is slowly returning to life (or signs of life), coming out of anabiosis, at least in the central part. More various stores, market stalls, and even electronics stores are open. This is a big change from what was happening in the city one and a half to two weeks ago.

The Taras Shevchenko statue protected by sandbags looks monumental and masterpiece-like. Similar work has begun at some other historic and cultural sites with great enthusiasm. Kharkiv residents love their city. The preservation of the most essential city monuments is very important, and I appreciate and support it.

Today I ended up near one of the metro stations and did some monitoring of sorts. There were few people at the station, although this part of ​​the city is not subject to constant shelling, but people were present. Overall, more or less normal conditions have been created for them, as good as they can be in this situation. Also, clergymen of different churches and denominations come to communicate with people. This is very good and the right thing to do. Of course, we are only talking about one metro station. I am happy to inform that children’s entertainers from Gorky Park are working with kids at various metro stations as well. I liked the stands with children’s drawings, which are very positive and patriotic. 

By the way, about the “clergy.” Three so called “ROC priests” were detained on the outskirts of Kharkiv. They stated they were delivering bread as humanitarian aid, but could not explain where the bank cards from Muscovite banks came from. 

Fighting continues in the Izyum area. The Muscovites tried to bypass the city, which they could not enter, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped their attempt to break through.

Four active collaborators also appeared in Izyum. Looking at who they are, it’s surprising that this didn’t happen earlier. One of the bastards is the former Regional party member and Izyum mayor Oleksandr Bozhkov. I was present at the special elections in Izyum in 2009 and watched the following: administrative resource and such, an attempt by the commission to keep the journalists from working (the cameras made them very nervous), although Bozhkov still won the elections. Two others are also interesting figures. Anatoliy Fomichevsky is a communist who joined the Opposition Platform – For Life party, and who is perhaps the most odious figure of Izyum. This is an outspoken collaborator who has stated his position openly in the past. Also Kozlov, from the Svitlychna Bloc, a local so-called anti-corruption activist; and another one, a former policeman. They’ve been collecting information on people staying in the city and pass on information about the military, Territorial Defense, volunteers, activists, and distribute disinformation that Kharkiv and Kyiv have already surrendered. These people are traitors. They have already been charged with treason. I hope our military and special services don’t let them escape.

The battles for Rubizhne and Severodonetsk continue. These cities are being mercilessly shelled with all kinds of artillery. There are dead and wounded. Our military is holding the line.

Unfortunately, according to witness reports, many of the people who were in the bomb shelter inside the Drama Theater in Mariupol didn’t survive. The City Council reported that 300 people died. We will know the exact count only after the end of the combat operations around the city. But it’s difficult to say when that will happen. Mariupol must stand! This city is a true symbol of endurance!

Forbes analysts estimate that the number of Muscovite tank losses is about 530 (at the time of writing). One fascinating fact is that our country currently has more tanks than it had before the war. Taking into account our losses, we captured about 120 Muscovite tanks and are up 40 to 45 tanks. In a nutshell, our Armed Forces, National Security Service, Defense Forces, Territorial Defense, Roma, the peasants, and all other defenders are simply wonderful. Also, the Muscovites are slackers, according to one of the prisoners. They lost eight tanks during a 100 km march and didn’t bother to engage in any battles. What warriors!

Our people aren’t vigorously fighting Chornobayivka for nothing. According to official information, they have killed the seventh (!!!) Moscow general, Commander of the 49th Combined Arms Army Yakov Rezantsev.

There is positive news coming from the Okhtyrka direction (no wonder Okhtyrka became a hero city), from the Trostyanets area, and from near Kherson. By the way, the information about the liberation of Kherson has been confirmed by the American military.

Because our military has pushed the Muscovites north of the Piatykhatky, a gradual evacuation of animals from the Feldman Ecopark (a zoo) is underway. Some bats, which are still hibernating and don’t get woken up by the shelling, have been rescued. But some of the animals have unfortunately been killed by the shelling.

Today’s Darwin Award goes to the crew of a Muscovite helicopter that landed in the field where our people found it. It’s hard to describe how ridiculous this was. Whether it was a previously damaged helicopter, the one that shot friendly fire, is unknown. It was destroyed, because there were no helicopter pilots among our military group.

Let us help and support our courageous and valiant military, volunteers, medics, rescuers, and public utility workers. We believe in our defenders, we believe in ourselves, and we believe in Ukraine!

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