Fracture Exhibition in the European Parliament. The Kharkiv Experience in Brussels

August 30, 2023, Brussels. A photo exhibition “Fracture. Documents from Kharkiv” was presented to the public in the European Parliament. People who attended the opening party shared their profound shock and empathy to the victims of Russian war crimes, the outcomes of which are displayed on 92 photos. These photos were taken by the Ukrainian NGO Maidan Monitoring Information Centre (MMIC) with our long term partners Czech NGO Team4Ukraine (T4U) while helping the Ukrainian state investigators of Security Service of Ukraine to document Russian war crimes in the Kharkiv region. 

The exhibition was organised, printed and presented by the member of the European Parliament Marketa Gregorova, who represents the Czech Pirate Party and is a member of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, and her office. The curator of the exhibition, MMIC chair Nataliya Zubar and T4U members Adam Sybera and Petr Pojman shared their experience of making these photos, the problems and the needs of the war crimes investigation in Ukraine. The space was so big and the interest of the public was so intense, that they had to divide people into groups and provide simultaneous guided tours.

The exhibition was on display in the European Parliament when the European Commission’s proposal for a €50 billion initiative to support Ukraine’s recovery, reconstruction and modernisation from 2024 to 2027 was discussed by members of the committees on Budgets and Foreign Affairs on August 30. 

Next this tenth edition of the exhibition will travel to Prague and will be displayed in different Czech towns.

Marketa Gregorova opens the exhibition.
Marketa Gregorova in her office.
Exhibition ads were displayed everywhere. Nataliya, Petr and Adam on the floor zero of the Spinelli buiding.
Martina Janurova who coordinated the production and presentation of the exhibition. Thank you for your kind support!

Watch the report about our exhibition on Marketa’s channel (in Czech)

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