National Security

Українцям для самозахисту потрібна зброя

В Дніпрі було вбито двох ветеранів АТО, достатньо відомих у місті. Прямо на вулиці. В вечірній час-пік. Ще одного пораненого. Четвертий залишився неушкодженим. У відповідь бійці поранили чотирьох нападників. Адже в них була зброя, дозволена сьогоднішнім законодавством, без наявності котрої, вони, напевно, загинули б усі, а жоден з нападників ніколи б не був знайдений.

Как вымести коллаборантов из учреждений ненавистной им Державы?

Ветеран АТО и представитель общественного объединения «Украинская народная рада Донетчины и Луганщины» Виталий Овчаренко – один из тех, кого «русский мир» лишил дома в Донецке, поубивал его друзей, и бросил в подвалы – всего лишь за то, что не отреклись от своего украинского гражданства. Он встречался с солдатами России в боях за Дебальцево, и потому не согласен с версией Путина о том, что на востоке нашей страны продолжается «внутренний конфликт».

Mass Blocking of the Ukrainian Users Twitter Accounts start Russian Operation “Brotherly Peoples”

Mass blockings of the Twitter accounts of those Ukrainian users who have active anti-Putin’s mindset and are followed by thousands users is a part of the Russian special operation “Brotherly Peoples”. The goal of this operation is informational deleting Ukrainian patriots who critically and with fact-checking approach regard the idea of reconciliation or “fraternization” with pro-Russian separatists and terrorists being spread. And the final goal of this special operation is destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and “regime changing” to pro-Russian government.

Ukrainian Peacebuilding School. Time to Build the Roads and Repair the Bridges

Those people will be able to negotiate peace with neighbours. In occupied territories, in Russia. Using the values and interests, not the conflicts and differences, as negotiation starting points. Like in the history pictured in the “Bridge of spies” movie. “We have to have the conversations our governments can’t”.

«Nord Stream»: Possible Risks for Ukraine and Poland

Meanwhile the Polish market is being slowly captured by Gasprom subsidiaries, especially by the same Gasprom Germany which owns also 50% of Wingas — by concluding numerous long-term contracts with municipalities of cities providing for supply of liquefied gas for the needs of city transport and municipal economies. Among such cities are Warsaw, Srem and Olshtyn. Probably there are more of those as contracts may be concluded through numerous Cyprus and German enterprises like Cryogas M&T Poland that are related to Gasprom.

Predictions and Program for Ukraine for the Next 30 Months

I do not consider the times of changes a curse as an ancient Chinese proverb says. These times provide a chance to unheard advances of human talent and of the countries these humans create. We have the chance to build the new country, friendly for its inhabitants, interesting for the world, open for friends and safeguarded against enemies. I know Ukraine will make a great use of this chance; the open question is when exactly? The systemic transformations should be implemented quickly; otherwise, reforms could take decades.

Diplomatic solution – reality or dream?

There are currently lots of speculations about negotiations and possible diplomatic solution to military conflict in Donbas. I am however very skeptical about the success. Of course I am not diplomat, so hereafter is purely my personal opinion.

Lessons of Croatia for Ukraine. Yugoslav wars

There have been suggestions from several persons (including myself) that studying history of Yugoslav Wars could be beneficial for understanding the things and decision making in Ukraine. These conflicts are arguably the most similar historical events and both similarities and differences could help to provide better understanding and better prediction of the developments in the territories of the former Soviet Union.