Kharkiv. Chronicles of the Attack on the City. Day 70 (04.05.2022)

By Serhiy Petrov

It’s been 10 weeks since the muscovite attack on Kharkiv began. The city has been shelled for 10 weeks straight. The amount of shelling has decreased significantly, but it still goes on. The muscovites strike Kharkiv with long-range missiles and artillery rockets. The bulk of the shells now land in the northern suburbs. Our military is moving to the north and east of Kharkiv. The most difficult situation in the region is in the Slovyansk and Barvinkove directions.

This is the first round number of weeks: 10. That’s about one fifth of a year. In those 10 weeks, not a day has gone by without shelling. The attacks have become quite destructive, and their amount has an emotional effect. The ruscists shell Pivnichna Saltivka, Selyshche Zhukovskoho, and the Lisopark district. Ten buses were burned down. They strike garages because in theory they could be repair bases.The World War II Memorial in the Lisopark was hit (some “denazification”). The vicinity of Obriy gets an occasional hit. Other than that, things are quiet. Basically, what Kharkiv residents are hearing now is the work of our troops. Good job.

One of the apartment buildings in the center of Kharkiv. Photo: Nataliya Zubar, License CC BY-SA 4.0

The muscovites are shelling Derhachi, Slatyne, Prudyanka, and Bezruky. Smoke is rising above those areas for the second day in a row. They are also shelling Ruska Lozova, in the Chuhuiv district. A whole separate story is the shelling of Zolochiv, where a yard belonging to a 97-year-old World War II veteran was hit. The fragments hit a car and damaged the veteran’s barn. The veteran himself was not injured. An attempt to exterminate those who actually fought Nazism is an interesting example of denazification though—true ruscist style.

Fighting and bombardment are ongoing in Staryi Saltiv. Those who could have somehow evacuated. But it’s clear from photos and videos that the village has suffered a lot of damage. They say all the recreation areas on the shores of the Pechenizske Reservoir have been robbed clean. They stole doors, windows, and linoleum—not just toilets. It is too early to talk about the liberation of Stariy Saltiv or other settlements. But the fighting continues north of Kharkiv; the boys are working.

The muscovites have stated that in addition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a special Kraken unit consisting of amnestied criminals (synonymous with thugs to a ruscist mind) and Israeli mercenaries has entered Staryi Saltiv. The muscovites are now actively exploiting the Israeli issue. They are well known antisemites, and that’s how they’re probably now explaining their failure—with a global Zionist conspiracy. Nothing new here. This was common in the Soviet times. But the Azov (Battalion) will be definitely interested and pleased to hear about themselves. This is what their PR strategy in Kharkiv was designed to do, to make their enemies afraid of them and run away at the mere mention of their name. Recognition on the ruscist state TV channels is worth a lot!

It’s warm outside; people are slowly coming out. However, there are very few of them. More than 50% of the population has left the city. The claims that there are a million people in the city, as Mayor Terekhov is trying to prove, can’t be taken seriously.

The only goal of all these claims is to increase the amount of humanitarian aid sent to Kharkiv. More often I hear stories about how a significant part of the humanitarian aid (15% to 25%) is stolen and that Terekhov is involved, that there are schemes to sell the goods being sent. Such stories are constantly circulating in the city.

Mayor Terekhov, instead of working to equip the bomb shelters, decided to quietly destroy the Kharkiv tram. The story of the destruction of the tram in Kharkiv is old, going back to the time of Dobkin – Kernes. In 2009, the tram was destroyed in the city center on Pushkinskaya. I became a Wikipedian to protest against this act, making my first edit and registering with Wikipedia on May 2, 2009, i.e. 13 years ago. But, despite the city officials’ promises to provide alternative public transport, nothing was done in those 13 years. The only ways to get to the city center are still by car or on foot.

And now, the rails on the Vesnina descent have been quietly dismantled. This is a new project to widen the street, supposedly to make way for more traffic to the city center and despite the fact that the main problem is not the Vesnina descent, but the complex intersection near the Kyivska metro station, which they’re planning to complicate even further, along with complicating the narrow streets in the center. The narrow streets will now need more exits to the wide streets and the wide streets will need to be made even wider, which would all lead to yet more traffic. The reason being given for all this is that there are no moving trams in Kharkiv, which means the rails can be removed. Sure, the Saltiv depot has been destroyed, but not all trams have. There’s still another depot in Novozhanovo. So, instead of planning to restore the damaged transportation system, they want to eliminate it. This is simply sabotage.

By the way, there’s also an active detramization taking place in moscovia.There’s ruSSian world in everything. Also, any construction project is a gigantic kickback opportunity.

So, it’s nothing personal, just business. No discussion necessary. He’s an autocratic king. And it’s all done under the guise of martial law. An earlier attempt to dismantle tracks ran into resistance by Kharkiv activists. Now, however, when everybody is either on the frontline or volunteering, it’s easier to execute. After the war is over, Kharkivites who don’t own cars won’t have an alternative way to get to the city center from Saltivka. (Did I understand this correctly, that they’ve decided to demolish this neighborhood, together with the buildings that are still intact?).  A tram is inconvenient. The rails need maintenance and so does the transportation equipment. Trams are also inconvenient because they don’t allow you to widen the streets. Additionally, bus routes create nice opportunities for kickbacks. Sustainable transportation? No. Be happy with what you have: packed taxi vans, a park, a zoo, benches, and flowers.

Furthermore, with a mayor like this, no-one will get replacement housing without a kickback and a private payment. For people like Terekhov, the war is a great opportunity to make money. There’s your enemy. He did not mention the troops at all for two weeks—he was waiting for the occupiers to arrive—and only after he realized that the muscovite offensive failed did he begin to thank the troops. So, Kharkiv’s enemies aren’t only in the north, but also within the leadership of the city. 

There are several ways out of this situation. First, our Ukrainian and European partners shouldn’t provide any help to Kharkiv’s city authorities so3 long as Terekhov remains the mayor and until the rails are returned to the Vesnin descent! 

However, Kharkiv residents also need help, and there are two ways to help them. The first option is to help real volunteer organizations and through safe mechanisms, which don’t allow city authorities to steal it. The second option is to give it directly to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration in order to protect it from corrupt city officials. The regional administration does not have such big corruption problems, and many volunteer organizations already work with regional authorities. The regional government is much more efficient. City authorities and regional authorities are two different governments.

In addition, Terekhov should be replaced with a municipal military administration. A military person should be in charge, who instead of flower projects would be dealing with improving security, bomb shelters, addressing the needs of people who are alone, and evacuating those who remain in destroyed and dangerous areas. The point is, Kharkiv needs a new government, period. And when the war is over, we can have an election.

In another piece of bad news, “Russia,” the muscovite occupiers’ radio station, can be picked up in Kharkiv. They have installed radio transmitters in the border zone. It’s broadcasting a selection of trash insufferable even for shit experts, who have nerves of steel.

Elsewhere in the region, the situation in Slovyansk and Barvinkove areas is difficult. But our excellent military is holding the line. Out of helplessness, the muscovites are now firing at other settlements, where there is no fighting going on: they hit the village of Zalyman, of the Savynska Hromada, killing one person, and wounding a child in the Lozivskyi district. The muscovites are apparently at war with muscovites in the Kharkiv region. They shelled the Olexiyivska Fortetsya on the Ukrainian line, which was built by the muscovites in 1731-1733 to house muscovite troops and land militia regiments south of the Sloboda regiments and the Cossack Hetmanate. It’s very like muscovites to destroy historical monuments.

The prosecutor’s office announced two more collaborators from Kozacha Lopan who are being suspected of treason: Maksym Hubin, member of the so-called new “provisional administration,” who helped connect Kozacha Lopan’s communications to muscovite networks; and Lyudmyla Vakulenko, head of the Kozacha Lopan district of the Derhachi Hromada, who supplied moscovia with “humanitarian aid” and recruited locals for cooperation.

Heavy fighting continues in the Joint Forces Operation zone: in the area of ​​Lyman, Yampol, Rubizhne, Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Velyka Novosilka, Huliaipole, and Orikhiv. The muscovites’ main strikes come from the north and south, but without success or advance. The Armed Forces are holding back the attacks of the occupiers.

Azovstal is being stormed in Mariupol. The muscovites have broken into the plant, and fighting continues. Meanwhile, the fighting alternates with the evacuation of civilians hiding underneath Azovstal. But what do people’s lives mean to muscovites? Nothing. Especially if they are Ukrainian lives.

Grain continues to be taken out from the occupied territories. About 400,000 tons have already been removed, which is about a third of all stocks in these territories. Farmers haven’t been planting anything, so, come winter, and the people under occupation will starve. For us in the rest of Ukraine it will not be very sweet either. That’s why the only solution are Gardens of Victory. Whoever has the opportunity to plant seeds should do it to the maximum extent possible. Our thanks to you, on behalf of myself and of the east and south of Ukraine!

Massive missile strikes continue on the territory of Ukraine—in Dnipro and Kropyvnytskyi—with the goal of destroying the railway infrastructure and preventing us from resupplying our troops on the frontline and delivering western military aid that will change the course of the war. Unfortunately, this is going to go on for a long time. So we need to learn how to rebuild infrastructure as quickly as possible. Powerful attacks were carried out on Mykolayiv in the evening and at night in order to intimidate city residents.

The ruscists are also shelling border areas of the Sumy region, near Hlukhiv and the village of Esman, including with the help of a helicopter flying along the border.

The large-scale muscovite invasion has had a sobering effect on the people. Thus, 87% now do not want the return of the Soviet Union! This is the highest percentage in all the years of independence. Only 2% still harbor such nostalgia. This is what decolonization looks like. But this change of minds comes at such a high price…

As far as the situation in moscovia goes, first of all, the oil depot in Makeyevka, in the temporarily occupied territory, has partially burned down. Second, in the city of Dzerzhinsk, in the  Nizhny Novhorod region, a solvent storage tank caught on fire. More and more military recruitment offices have been catching on fire in moscovia.

It’s funny that muscovites take joy in their cheese, which is not really cheese, but a cheese product made from vegetable fats. But it is their own unique product. Well, you can eat your own shit, too, it’s also a natural product.

Let us thank our troops and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for defending us! Let us believe in their success and in Ukraine’s victory!