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Defend yourself against Soviets

In honor of the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and National Cybersecurity Month in the U.S., I am putting pen to paper some thoughts that may help citizens of both countries defend themselves, ourselves. Here are some top level considerations for self-defense in a now borderless news and information world.

Russia never ended the Cold War

For much of the 20th century, and especially after the end of World War II and the emergence of the Cold War, an ideological clash existed between Russia and the West. In fact, the Cold War itself was the culmination of and a sustainable period for this clash of ideologies.

Building Energy Efficiency

Why is energy efficiency important for EU and for Ukraine? What legislative incentives for building energy efficiency improvement are implemented in the European Union?

Roman Serbyn. Holodomor: The Ukrainian Genocide

The first scholar to posit a conceptual framework for analyzing what we now call “the Holodomor” was Raphael Lemkin. A renowned authority on international law, well versed in the Soviet legal system, Lemkin called upon his vast knowledge of the political realities in the Soviet Union to give  a  penetrating  insight  into  the  mechanics  of the Ukrainian tragedy in his essay entitled “Soviet Genocide in the Ukraine.”

Опорні школи на Донеччині: хто нагрів руки?

Хочете побачити, яку опорну школу на Донеччині покажуть президенту? Подивіться відео, тільки під час перегляду не тримайте в руках важких предметів – ви побачите треш, угар і десятки мільйонів, вкрадених у дітей. І все це завдяки друзям Януковича і впливовим депутатам від партії імені президента.

PWC: What is the purpose of business?

Ukraine erupted into violent conflict at the beginning of 2014 and many lives have since been lost. How might it have been if PWC had lent their support when most needed?