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10/02/2002 | Serhiy Hrysch

Free Ukraine

Open your eyes and acknowledge the fear;
The currents of toxic diplomacy here,
Because if you hold your heritage dear
They wont hesitate to spit in your tears
And threateningly whisper in a grim poet's ear
"open your mouth child, and you'll disappear."

History frozen in a statue's bold pose,
Nostalgia aching in shining gold domes
And shuffling slowly to avoid mighty toes
The martyrs a nation quietly grows
Call to the masses in deep ancient tones
That few feign remember, fewer still know.

Journalists vanish when they wield their pen
Same shit house elected again and again
By rigged ballot boxes and blinded elite
Who don't care about the show, just want silver seats
And as long as they have enough to eat,
They'll watch their mothers beg in the street.

All the while, pacified sedated teens
Believe the bullshit on the TV screen
That says "Everything's alright, your country is well"
But Stalin and Lenin are cheering from hell
For the seed they planted is now being sowed
From the richest of soil, as they watch it erode.

Laxatives force-fed a culture they starved
And buried en masse, tombstones un-carved,
Brainwashed and guiltless their victims become
If they opt for life at the mouth of the gun.
A holocaust reigning for decades on end
But optimism, we here have learned to pretend

And slowly uprooted, this desperate tree
Turns her tear-filled eyes to me.
We cannot stand watch as our mother is raped
Just because we are much to afraid
To lift up our voices and raise up our arms
To halt the injustice and sound the alarm


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